Potionomics Characters Best Gift Guide

Potionomics Characters Best Gift Guide

Last Updated on 30 November, 2022

Potionomics Characters Best Gift Guide – Quinn, Mint, Muktuk, Baptiste, Saffron, Roxanne, Xid, Luna, Corsac, Owl, Salt and Pepper…

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Potionomics Characters Best Gift – Best Gifts & Coupons

Gift Type

The higher quality, the better the gift effect


Work only for the character you got them from

Potionomics Characters Best Gift – Friendship Guide

Unlock requirements

These are the characters unlock requirements:

  • Owl – Default. Locked to 5 ranks.
  • Quinn – Day 1
  • Mint – Day 2
  • Muktuk – Day 3
  • Baptiste – After 1st Adventure with Mint
  • Saffron – Day 7
  • Roxanne – Day 12
  • Xid – Day 13. A Greater Mana Potion is needed to unlock her first event.
  • Luna – Day 13
  • Salt and Pepper – Day 14. Despite being two characters, they’re both counted together for friendship ranks.
  • Corsac – Day 22

Hangout Tiers

  • 1st – Default. 1 time.
  • 2nd – Rank 3. 2 time.
  • 3rd – Rank 5. 3 time.
  • 4th – Rank 7. 4 time

Favorite Category of ingredients

  • Quinn – Slime
  • Mint – Bone
  • Muktuk – Fish
  • Baptiste – Flower
  • Saffron – Plant
  • Roxanne – Gem
  • Xid – Bug
  • Luna – Fruit
  • Salt and Pepper – Ore
  • Corsac – Fungus

Potionomics Characters Best Gift – Romance Options

There are x9 Romance Options:

  • Quinn
  • Mint
  • Muktuk
  • Baptiste
  • Saffron
  • Roxanne
  • Xid
  • Luna
  • Corsac

To enable romance for these characters, select the romantic conversation options when they appear during events. If you do this and reach Rank 7 with one of the aforementioned characters, you will be able to date them when the event is done. You can only date one character, which limits your future possibilities if you agree (a warning box appears before you chose).

You have complete control over the romantic possibilities for all characters. There is no punishment for doing so, however characters will make amusing comments about it if you achieve Rank 7 with them while dating someone else.

Outside of Steam accomplishments, romance isn’t required for any unlocks – there’s one for dating and another for rejecting a character. The majority of the rank 8 to 10 events will stay the same, with the addition of some love conversation.

There are no romantic conversation options for Salt and Pepper. Instead, if you choose the appropriate alternatives, you can become blood brothers, which show a paw print instead of a heart.

Potionomics Characters Best Gift – Rank Rewards

Get the following rewards for character rank up, regardless of whether you choose the romance options or not:

  • 1st Rank reward – Card
  • 2nd Rank reward – Card
  • 3rd Rank reward – Card
  • 4th Rank reward – Discount Coupon
  • 5th Rank reward – Card
  • 6th Rank reward – Card
  • 7th Rank reward – Card, romance if the right options are picked
  • 8th Rank reward – Better Discount Coupon
  • 9th Rank reward – Card
  • 10th Rank reward – Card. Requires crafting two specific potions to unlock.

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