Project Baki 2 Map (2024)

Project Baki 2 Map

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Project Baki 2 Map – Relic Spawn Points, Trainer, NPC, Questgiver, Bossfight, Job, Important Location & Enemy Spawn

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Project Baki 2 Map – Full Map

This is the map in high resolution with the points of interest marked (Trainer, NPC, Questgiver, Bossfight, Job, Important Location & Enemy Spawn)


Relic Spawn Points

One of the things that players are looking for the most are the Relic Spawn Points, so we leave you an exclusive map of the places where the relics appear


Project Baki II is an anime fighting game based on Baki the Grappler/Grappler Baki.

When you first join the game, you start with Street Fighting style.

There are various trainers scattered across the map that will teach you their fighting style and moves. As you increase your strength, agility, intellect, and durability, you will be able to unlock stronger combat and abilities through the in-game menu. Stats also increase your damage, defense, stamina, etc.

To increase your stats, there are several methods to train, including: Working out in the gym, Doing jobs/quests, Fighting bosses/enemies, and Shadowboxing. .

In order to use the mats/bags at the gym, you need to purchase a gym membership, which costs yen.

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