Project Star Server Codes – Private Servers – February 2024

Project Star Server Codes Private Servers

Last Updated on 26 January, 2024

Project Star Server Codes – Private Servers – Some private server codes, and the description about them, just check them if you want moew private servers.

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VIP Server List for Roblox Project Star – Private Servers Codes

Maximize your chances of looting in Roblox Project Star by joining a VIP server. Our purchased server is always up and running, but check the list below for updates or changes.

Try one of these codes for a VIP experience:

  • JGBlnH9D: Try Hard Guides VIP Server
  • 88M81Y92ausq: Fadhil’s VIP Server
  • psgOB38: Zero Loan’s VIP Server
  • Cr5BYc8uEzb: 2KidsInApod’s VIP Server
  • 8vB1JYgjRS77: supanova’s VIP Server
  • g3WjQ8: King Luffy’s VIP Server

Project Star Server Codes – Join and Get a Private Server in Roblox Project Star

Experience the ultimate looting in Roblox Project Star by joining a VIP server. Follow these easy steps to join a server:

  • Open Project Star in Roblox
  • Click on ‘Private Servers’ in the main menu
  • Copy a code from our list, a friend, or your own
  • Paste it into the ‘Input Code’ area
  • Hit enter and join the server if the code is valid

How to get your own VIP server in Roblox Project Star

Purchase one for 400 Robux by following these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Private Servers’ option in the main menu
  2. Click on ‘Generate Code’
  3. Purchase the server with Robux
  4. Share the code with friends to play together
  5. Generate a new code to play alone
  6. Enjoy the exclusive VIP server experience and maximize your looting in Roblox Project Star.

Maximize Your Looting in Roblox Project Star with VIP Servers

Fight efficiently for valuable items in Roblox Project Star by using VIP servers. Public servers attract many players, making looting more competitive. Try our listed free private servers for a better chance at obtaining spawns. Also, visit our site for tips on obtaining Stands and updates on freebies via Project Star Codes page.

Also, we have Project Star Wiki page with all information about the game.

Shindo Life Private Servers

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