Rain on your Parade Achievements guide

Rain on your Parade Achievements

Last Updated on 15 August, 2021

Rain on your Parade Achievements guide – A guide to unlock every available achievement in the game, with locations and tips

Rain on your Parade Achievements – Story Based

You will automatically unlock some achievements just playing:

  • Minimum Effort > Woo, you started the game!
  • Thunderliscious! > Unlock Thunder
  • Chilly! > Unlock Snow
  • Windy! > Unlock Tornado
  • Winner Is You! > Beat the Game

Rain on your Parade Achievements – New Game+

If you want to unlock these achievements, it’s easier during your second playthrough (New Game+)

  • Beach Party! > Load Up Level Beach & Tornado All Humans Into The Water
  • Break The Game > In Level 50 Mess With Computer, Crashing The Game.
  • Stylish Cloud > Wear The Sunglasses Achieved in Beach Inside Of Level Spoopy Forest Road
  • Achievement Cat > Once You Have Thunder Ability, Go To The Top Left Of The HUB World & Thunder Down On The Giant Grey Rock Beneath The Level The Late Cretaceous
  • Gotta Go Fast > In The CloudOut Level. Super Easy With Tornado Powerup. Just Tornado And Whip It At The Wall.
  • Popcorn. Yum! > Farm Level > Stay With Your Water > Go Down To The Crops (South), Water Them And Shock Them With Your Thunder.
  • Gravity Gun > Go To Your Homely Abode By Pressing Back Button On Controller, Play The Arcade Game and Die
  • Time To Spare > On The Level DO NOT MOVE Don’t Move For 1 hour (real time)
  • Master Thief > Use Your Tornado In The Museum Level To Pull All 14 Paintings Out
  • Pool Party! > In Villa Del Dryspell Throw All Hoomans In The Pool with Tornado
  • The Texan > Get The Chainsaw Cosmetic From The Level “It Came From The Sky” Put It On, And Then Enter Cloudy Hilltrop And Scare Hoomans With It.

Rain on your Parade Achievements – Boss Levels

You can unlock these achievements in New Game+, there is time limit and you can’t get hit to unlock them:

  • Canyon Master > Get through the Dryspell Canyon
  • Party Crasher > Crash Dryspell’s Resort
  • Lava Cave Master > Beat the Mt. Dryspell
  • Infiltrator Master >Infiltrate Dryspell’s Secret Base

Rain On All The Hoomans That Are Holding The “I <3 Cloud” Signs

Just Rain On All The Hoomans That Are Holding The “I <3 Cloud” Signs, there are in every level, and these are the locations:

  • The Beach > Top Of The Level.
  • The School > Top Right Of The Cafeteria
  • The Farm > Go southwest > by the Crops Next To The Big Windmill
  • Campground > Go north > left & down towards the sheep & fire tent > On The Wall Right Of The Fire
  • Going to work > In The Open As You Rain On The Businessman
  • Villa Del Dryspell > Bottom Left Next To The Pool
  • Quiet Mountain Town > Go left > By The SCP Truck
  • The Cloud News Channel > Below The Green Screen
  • At The Grocer > Go to the bottom left
  • Dust Devil Crossroad > Go To The Right And Follow The Train Tracks Upward > On the left, but SNOW on him
  • Tinseltown > Before You Grab The Purple Orb. Move Up From Starting Point
  • Parade > Go right > On Top Of A Bus Stop


You can find them all in the overworld

  • South of Shepard level > Hit the rock with thunder
  • Island Hooman > Go north from the previous and find him in the house of the yellow island
  • Below Snow Theater > In The Overworld Right Below Where You Learn How To Use Snow
  • North of tornado theater > Overworld Right Above The Level Where You Learn How To Use Tornado

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  1. Hi. I’m feeling stupid but I beat the game, well I did all the levels, how do start a new game plus? Am I missing something?

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