Raise a Floppa 2 How to get Upstairs

Raise a Floppa 2 How to get Upstairs

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

Raise a Floppa 2 How to get Upstairs – Everything on the second floor, where the key is and what you have to do to open the lock

You will have already seen that there are some stairs that lead to the top floor, to the second floor, but it has a lock and it cannot be accessed unless you manage to open it with a key. So we are going to explain how to open the upstairs lock with the key and access the second floor

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Raise a Floppa 2 How to get Upstairs – Steps

Currently there is no key and you cannot access the upper floor, you have to wait for the next update.

The game is newly released, and there will be an upper floor, but it is not yet playable. Presumably there will be a key somewhere, and in this guide we will explain how to get it as soon as it is available. But for now we have to wait.

There are updates every 15 days or so, so the wait to discover what awaits us on the top floor should not be very long.

Attic Key Location

In this section of the guide we will explain the steps to get the key that allows you to access the upper floor

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