Raise a Floppa 2 Badges

Raise a Floppa 2 Badges

Last Updated on 3 September, 2022

Raise a Floppa 2 Badges – All the current badges and how to unlock them, with tips and RaF2 guides if needed

There are currently no descriptions for any in-game badges. So in case you don’t know how to get any of them, we have prepared this little guide for you.

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Raise a Floppa 2 Badges – Full List

These are all the RaF2 Badges and how to unlock them all:

  • hapy birfday: Have your Floppa age by one year (40 in-game days or 3 hours and 20 minutes in real-time)
  • proud father: Have a Baby Floppa
  • smash n grab: Defeat all Bandits in a Bandit Raid
  • fun in the sun: Defeat all Beach Bums in a Bandit Raid.
  • spooky scary skelingtons: Defeat all the Skeletons in a Bandit Raid
  • yummy almond water: Find Almond Water in the Backrooms.
  • ascend: Ascend with the Altar.
  • wise guys: Defeat all the Penguin Mobsters in a Bandit Raid.
  • 1 milly: Get 1 million cash.
  • PETA: Make your Floppa starve.
  • touched grass: Purchase the House Keys.
  • 1 billy: Get 1 billion cash.
  • 1 trilly: Get 1 trillion cash.
  • false god: Defeat the Bingus Cult
  • 1 quadrilly: Get 1 quadrillion cash.

If you manage to unlock any badge that we have not included in the list, leave us a comment so that we can update it, we will give you credits next to the corresponding badge

Endings Badges

There are currently no endings in the game, so there are no endings-related badges. We will incorporate them as soon as the game creators incorporate the endings in future updates.

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