Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide

Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution

Last Updated on 14 September, 2022

Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide – evolve from Hollow to Menos, Adjucha & Vasto Lorde, and transform to Menoscar, Adjucar or Vastocar

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Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide – Guide

Step by step guide to evolve from Hollow to Vasto Lorde

1. Hollow: You have a 35% chance to become a hollow when first joining the game or purchasing a race reroll. If you don’t get it when you first join the game, you’ll usually need 2-3 race rerolls. In case you need any race reroll, check the codes
2. Menos: It is perhaps the easiest step, once you are Hollow, you only have to reach level 15, something that is achieved quite quickly
3. Adjucha: This step in the evolution is pure farming, you have to deplete all your red bar once you are menos. And to empty the red sun bar you have to kill NPCs
4. Vasto Lorde: And finally the most tedious step of all. To get the final evolution you need to be Adjucha and level up to level 50. It will take a while, but by now you should be clear on how to do it.

Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide – Arrancars

Arrancars are high grade hollows, they became a humanoid-like being by taking off their mask. Depending on their current hollow stage they could become:

  • Menos > Menoscar (the weakest Arrancar – Not recommended)
  • Adjucha > Adjuchar
  • Vasto Lorde > Vastocar (the strongest Arrancar)

They learn an exclsuive technique called Resurrección, allowing them to ‘resurrect’ themself and become stronger

Menoscar guide

Become a Menoscar by doing the challenge from the “Transform to Menoscar” skill in the Menos Grande/Gillian skill tree

Buffs: 45% Hierro protection & 10% Exp buff

Adjucar guide

Become a Adjucar by doing the challenge from the “Transform to Adjucar” skill in the Adjucha skill tree

Buffs: +5 skillpoints, + 5% damage, +35 HP, 50% Hierro protection & 20% Exp buff

Vastocar guide

Become a Vastocar by doing the challenge from the “Transform to Vastocar” skill in the Vasto Lorde skill tree

Buffs: +10 skillpoints, + 15% damage, +100 HP, 60% Hierro protection & 55% Exp buff

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