Release Date Among Us 2

Release Date Among Us 2

Last Updated on 21 December, 2022

Intro: Among Us 2 – Release date – All info that you need to know about this new game, stay tuned and check everything about the game.

Release date in …

Unfortunately, if you’re hoping for an Among Us 2 release date, you’re out of luck because the game has been canceled.

Was announced in August 2020, with the initial goal of improving on the rough structure of the first game.

“Among Us was never meant to be this huge,”

InnerSloth stated on his blog. “Because of this, it’s exceedingly hard to add additional stuff without disrupting current items… hence the initial goal of Among Us 2 is to be created to endure growth”.

On December 15, 2020, its availability on Nintendo Switch was announced, while its adaptation to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles was confirmed for December 14, 2021.12 Its release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 was later announced with exclusive skins.

Have among us 2 been cancelled??

The sequel, however, was canceled a month later, and “all of the content” planned for it would be incorporated into the original game.

“Seeing how many people like Among Us 1 makes us really want to be able to support the game and push it to the next level,” the developers wrote in September 2020.

Excitingly, new player roles beyond Crewmate and Imposter are in the works, although InnerSloth “aren’t advanced enough in the design to confirm any roles or how they will work”.

Other planned enhancements include a game mode with up to 15 players to cater for three Imposters and updated matchmaking “to better support custom modes and skill levels”.

Among Us in Xbox

Among Us is now available on

  • Xbox One
  • Series X
  • Series S

As part of Game Pass or by purchasing the game alone! It includes crossplay, just like all other versions of the game, so you can play with all of your friends across platforms.

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  • Google Play:
  • Web Link

Among Us Map Tour AirShip – Video

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About Among Us 2

Among Us is an online multiplayer party video game developed by the American company Innersloth and distributed between June and November 2018 for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Among Us, captivated the gaming world with its simple and entertaining gameplay mechanics, emphasis on social interaction, and intuitive cross-play between the mobile and PC versions of the game.

But don’t worry, tiny space beans; Innersloth intends to incorporate all Among Us 2 material into the original game, including enhanced social features and even new player roles.

We’ve investigated what’s next for Among Us, but keep in mind that this is a small independent studio, and plans can change, especially during the epidemic. If you want to learn more about Among Us, check out our guides on Among Us characters, Among Us headwear, Among Us maps, and Among Us wallpapers.

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