Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition Cheat Codes

Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 15 September, 2023

Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition Cheat Codes – Lots of cheats with which your games will be much easier

Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition Cheat Codes – Full List

  • \ECC or DIPSTICK: Master code. Use it before anything else
  • \GTL or GOTO: Level select menu(play warp-only levels such as The Vomitorium)
  • \REL or REEN: Resets and re-enters current level
  • \ECL or GOARCH: Skips to the next level
  • \GOO or GOOBERS: Returns player to E1L1
  • \LEE or MAESTRO:  Jukebox menu
  • \MAP or CARTIER: reveals the entire map
    \EKG: Engine Killing Gibs
  • \WWW or CHOJIN: Woundless with weapons
  • \OOF or WHACK: Damages player by one health unit
  • \DIE or 86ME: commit suicide
  • \CAM or RIDE: enables missile cam when firing rocket launcher
  • \GW9, \GOD, TOOSAD or SEEYA: God mode
  • \GWD, \DOG, WOOF or CUJO: Dog mode
  • \ELA or BOING: Elasto mode
  • \SHR or BADTRIP: Shrooms mode
  • \MER or FLYBOY: Mercury mode
  • \RFA or SPEED: Tom Hall mode
  • \PAN or PANIC: resets character state (removes all weapons, items and funky effects)
  • \GW2 or JOHNWOO: n additional pistol for dual-wielding
  • \GW4 or VANILLA:  bazooka
  • \GW3 or PLUGME: n MP40
  • \GW4 or HOTTIMES:  heat-seeker
  • \GW7 or FIREBOMB:  firebomb
  • \GW8 or BONES:  flamewall
  • \GW6 or BOOZE:  drunk missile
  • \GWA or SPLIT:  split missile
  • \GWC or HOMERUN:  the excalibat
  • \GWB or KESOFDEATH:  the dark staff
  • \BAR or SHOOTME:  bulletproof armor
  • \FAR or BURNME: sbestos armor
  • \GAR or LUNGDUNG:  gasmask
  • \BUM or SLACKER:  slacker pack (three of four keys)
  • \OFP or HUNTPACK: bulletproof armor, heat-seeker, split missile and all four keys
  • \GAI or SIXTOYS: all keys, max health and bulletproof armor
  • \HUD or WHERE: displays map coordinates onscreen
  • \DOF and \DON or DIMON/DIMOFF: toggles lighting effects
  • \FON and \FOF or LONDON/NODNOL: toggles fog
  • \COF and \CON or GOTA386/GOTA486: toggles floor and ceiling rendering
  • \L8R or GOGATES: exits to MS-DOS (ROTT ’95)/exits to Windows

About the Game

Rise of the Triad: LUDICROUS EDITION, a timeless cult classic FPS from Apogee Software, is presented by the Remasterminds at NightDive Studios and the lunatics at New Blood.

  • Support for 4K and ultrawide resolutions and limitless frame rates
  • Return of the Triad, all original ROTT episodes, and expansion packs
  • Characters and game content from “lost” betas have been restored. There is also full controller compatibility, KB/M rebinding, and a sarcastic FOV slider.
  • The ability to use a jukebox and soundtracks from 1994 or 2013
  • Multiple game types, new HUDs, alternative weapon SFX, and LUDICROUS LIGHTING Online & LAN Comm-Bat Multiplayer.
  • Brand-new cutscenes and a fresh, simple level editor
  • A brand-new episode produced by Night Dive, New Blood, and Apogee Software LIBERAL GIBS

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