UnHolY DisAsTeR How to Unlock All Gallery

UnHolY DisAsTeR How to Unlock All Gallery

Last Updated on 9 August, 2023

UnHolY DisAsTeR How to Unlock All Gallery – Secret code to unlock all animations in the gallery without playing

UnHolY DisAsTeR How to Unlock All Gallery

If you want to unlock all gallery animations directly, please follow these steps

  1. Launch UnHolY DisAsTeR on your device
  2. On the selection screen, where you can click Game Start or Gallery, do not click anything and enter the following sequence: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a
  3. Enjoy all the All CG and All Animations

Using the secret code may harm your gaming experience. It’s fun and not too hard, so we only recommend using the code as a last resort, try to unlock everything on your own.

About the Game

There was a kingdom of lush forest and crystal-clear rivers west of Eincia. “The Spirit of Aqua” blessed this kingdom. People in this kingdom worshipped “the Spirit” and used the “Priestess of Aqua” to access the spirit’s power. The novice priestess Clemente arrived at the temple with her teacher one day while wearing her shrine robe and was anxious to encounter the Spirit of Aqua.

However, a mysterious figure with dark power approaches the Temple of Aqua.

In this exploration-based side-scrolling action game, Clementine, a novice priestess who serves “the Spirit of Aqua,” battles alleged demons with the spirit’s blessings.

The protagonist is equipped with a variety of water-related special skills for use in battle. She starts out as a trainee, so she doesn’t have a lot of power, but as her exploration progresses, she gains a range of skills. You won’t be annoyed by level grinding, though, as this game does not use the conventional growth mechanism based on EXP and level.

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