Roblox Bedwars Kits

Roblox Bedwars Kits

Last Updated on 22 November, 2022

Roblox Bedwars Kits – All the kits explained, their effects, how to unlock each one of them, and their prices in robux if they are paid

Roblox Bedwars Kits – How to get?

Each kit costs 399 robux.

Every week you can try two of them for free, and we recommend doing it, so that later you do not regret your purchase. In case you want to get an idea, we explain each kit:

Roblox Bedwars Kits – List

Ares Kit

How to get the Ares Kit?

Description: Use electric-charged throwing spears to destroy enemies

Jack Kit

How to get the Jack Kit?

Description: Lob bundles of poisonous pumpkin oil across the map

Fisherman Kit

How to get the Fisherman Kit?

Description: Why fight when you can fish?

Gompy Kit

How to get the Gompy Kit?

Description: Find ghosts around the map, vacuum them up, and fire them at enemies

Trapper Kit

How to get the Trapper Kit?

Description: Place Snap Traps to stun enemies

Trinity Kit

How to get the Trinity Kit?

Description: Light Angel heals teammates, and Void Angel has life stealing

Catherine the Spirit catcher Kit

How to get the Catherine the Spirit Catcher Kit?

Description: place Catherine around the map

Bounty Hunter Kit

How to get the Bounty Hunter Kit?

Description: Get assigned bounties for killing certain players in a match

Beekeeper Beatrix Kit

How to get the Beekeeper Beatrix Kit? Paid Battle Pass Level 20

Description: Catch bees around the map to upgrade your Bee Hive. Upgrading your Bee Hive will return additional iron and emeralds

Jade Kit

How to get the Jade Kit? Free Battle Pass Level 30

Description: Knock people up with your giant hammer.

Raven Kit

How to get the Raven Kit? Paid Battle Pass Level 40

Description: Buy ravens and fly at enemies to deliver deadly doses of poison

Pyro Kit

How to get the Raven Kit? Paid Battle Pass Level 50

Description: Use your flamethrower to spray fire, making enemies brittle and taking more damage from attacks. Killing brittle enemies gives ember which you can use to upgrade your flamethrower


Description: Use a high tech tablet to control camera turrets across the map


Description: Use a magical staff to cast lightning strikes and electricity orbs

Grim Reaper

Description: Consuming enemy souls grants health regen, movespeed and invulnerability for 2.5s. Combat is disabled while consuming


Description: 15% projectile damage and access to the Tactical Crossbow in Item Shop.


Description: Gain access to health-gain apples and speed-boost cakes


Description: Build rage by damaging enemies. Instead of buying swords, your sword is upgraded upon reaching max rage. You lose half your rage upon death. Emerald Sword is replaced by the Rageblade

  • Stone Sword – 6 Hits
  • Iron Sword – 18 Hits
  • Diamond Sword – 32 Hits
  • Rageblade – 60 Hits


Description: Fortify blocks using the Builder’s hammer. Purchase the Hammer from the Item Shop

  • Wool – 1 Iron
  • Oak Wood – 4 Iron
  • Stone Brick – 5 Iron
  • Blastproof Ceramic – 10 Iron
  • Slime Block – 12 Iron
  • Obsidian – 2 Emeralds

Elder Tree

Description: Collect tree orbs around the map to increase size and max HP. Cannot buy armor

Farmer Cletus

Description: As a master of the farmland, Cletus grows crops that yield diamonds and emeralds

Infernal Shielder

Description: Spawn with a massive shield that can deflect damage + projectile knockback


Description: Melody uses a guitar and the power of music to heal nearby teammates

Pirate Davey

Description: Use a TNT Cannon to bombard your enemies.


Description: Wrangle enemies towards you using a lasso

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