Roblox Error Codes and How to Fix them

Roblox Error Codes how to fix

Last Updated on 15 June, 2023

Check all the possible Roblox Error Codes and How to Fix them. Sometimes the reason of an error is not what you read in the message, but most of the times the errors can be easily fixed

Roblox Error Codes – Text Error Messages

  • Down For Maintenence: Don’t worry, the site is down for maintenence, just wait and try again late
  • Updating Avatar error: you are trying to wear a limited hat that has traded or sold, or wearing a previously deleted item
  • Bad Request: May happen when searching inventories of completely wiped accounts too
  • Something went wrong: when changing the error number in the error page URL to a non-existent error number
  • Too many redirects: Displayed on accounts with a poison ban
  • Access denied: you are attempting to view a page that is restricted
  • Internal Server Error: contact customer service at [email protected].
  • An error occured, please try again: Try again later
  • Game Pass Loading Error: check your connection, if it’s ok just wait
  • Maximum Friends Error: You are trying to friend a user that already has the max friends allowed
  • Registration error: heck your connection, if it’s ok just wait
  • Avatar Page Error: Just wait
  • Library Error: invalid Category number in the URL bar.
  • Unable to join: the VIP server is private
  • Item Owned: you purchase an item that you owned it already
  • ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS: Try to login on incognito or private browsing mode
  • Client Crash: this message appears if the client has crashed, the client runs out of memory, there is a lot of lag, or if the player joins with an exploit
  • Connection Fail: wait or check your internet
  • HttpSend RequestFailed: wait
  • Error starting game: wait or check your interne
  • Loading error 0x1 (Intentional)(Unused): when a user was hellbanned

Roblox Error Codes – Game Client Error Messages

Error Messages 0 – 270

  • Error Code 6: Check your internet connection and the anti-virus (check that the client is not detected as malware)
  • 17 Error Code: Check website blocks or just try again later
  • 102 Error Code: check the length of the key inpute into the data source
  • 103 Error Code: Due to privacy settings, check if the profile you’re using is for a child, teen or adult
  • 106 Error Code: Login to Official Roblox website on your console browser or even in your mobile or PC and add your friend to your friends list and get your friend to accept your request by doing the same
  • 107 Error Code: Unknown
  • 110 Error Code: Your internet connection or your privacy restrictions
  • Error Code 142: The server is out of date
  • Error Code 146: You are trying to teleport to an inactive place
  • 148 Error Code: The client needs to be reinstaled
  • 227 Error Code: Your connection
  • Error Code 256 & 274: The server shuts down for any reason or you are banned
  • Error Code 260: The server is not working well
  • 261 Error Code: Due to the Roblox Servers, you need to reconnect, and maybe wait a few minutes
  • Error Code 262: You need to reconnect, and maybe wait a few minutes
  • Error Code 264: When the same account launches the game from different devices, reconnect with the device you want to use.
  • 266: the client’s connection lags a lot or has not responded for a long time.
  • 267 Error Code: kicked by an admin or due to a script
  • 268 Error Code: kicked from a server and forced to join another server, the reason could be an exploit program

Error Messages 271 – 499

  • Error Code 271: because all the players are afk, or because you have been kicked
  • 272: You are trying to connect to a game with an exploit program
  • 273 Error Code: there are 4 possible reasons, you have been warned, banned, you have bad connection, or you are trying to join a game while playing on another device
  • 274 Error Code: Try again later, the developer has shut down the server
  • Error Code 275: Server maintenance, try again later
  • Error Code 277: When you have connection issues, or if you are banned. But seems that also appears randomly
  • 278 Error Code: Idle for 20 minutes or more
  • Error Code 279: If it’s ID = 17, Connection attempt failed, usually after players disconnect. But if it’s ID = 146, Illegal teleport destination, is because the client attempts to join a different place from the start place in a game
  • 280 Error Code: Update Roblox and try again
  • 282 Error Code: Restart your device
  • Error Code 400: Change the url you are trying to access
  • 403 Error Code: You don’t have access to the page
  • 404 Error Code: The page doesn’t exist or is blocked

Roblox Error Codes – Error Messages 500 – 805

  • Error Code 500: It’s an internal server error
  • 503 Error Code: ROBLOX is having downtime or outages, just wait
  • Error Code 504: It has 3 posible reasons, maintenance, temporary shutdown, or connection issues. So most of the times you just have to wait and try again later. But check your internet connection
  • Error Code 517: The server is currently down, or you are trying to enter the same server after disconnect
  • 522 Error Code: Followed user has left the game
  • 523 Error Code: The server is down
  • Error Code 524: You need an invitation for that server, or simply the Roblox servers are down
  • Error Code 529: The http service has crashed
  • 610 Error Code: if you try to join a VIP server, if you log out and also if you lose connection
  • 7xx Error Code: The teleport fails
  • 769 Error Code: The teleport fails, reasons are unknown
  • 770 Error Code: You are trying to teleport to a game that doesn’t exist
  • 771 Error Code: You are trying to teleport to a server that doesn’t exist
  • 772 Error Code: You are trying to teleport to a server that is full
  • 773 Error Code: You are trying to teleport to a wrong id or a private place
  • 805 Error Code: Just try again
  • 901 Error Code: Xbox settings update or you have been banned
  • 914 Error Code: birthdates on your Xbox and Roblox account don’t match
  • 918 Error Code: Unknown, but only happens in Xbox

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  1. Every game I join quits/closes and sometimes gives me error code 264 even though I am only signed in to one devise

  2. My son is unable to get into many game platforms due to error code 260 on his PC. Can you help with a fix breakdown please

  3. An error ocurred while starting Roblox

    Details: Failed to create destination folder: (error: 161)

    I want to know how do I try to correct the error. Please let me know as soon as possible

  4. I got kicked bc I need to be a robots member for a month I’m what its supposed to mean I tried looking how to be a roblox for a month but it just shows me how to be a premium but idk if it is that idk if being a premium means how to be a roblox member for a month

  5. i keep getting the code 529 error and cant play any games it just shows up straight away please help me

  6. My wife tried to unlink my daughters account from xbox one and recieved error code 908. Cant find it anywhere. Somebody pls help.

  7. My son is getting error code 908 and all we did was log him out log me in and now it won’t let him log back in. He’s on xbox, I usually play on android

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