Rome Total War Cheats

Rome Total War Cheats

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Rome Total War Cheats – How to enable console and the full list of console commands and their in-game effects

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Rome Total War Cheats – How to enable the console?

Press “~” (the key to the left of “1” on your keyboard) and enter any of the cheats or console commands we are going to provide you

Rome Total War Cheats – Console Commands

  • Grant trait to character: give_trait [character] [trait] [number]
  • Add money: add_money [number]
  • Add population: add_population [settlement] [number]
  • Adjust height of sea bed: adjust_sea_bed [number]
  • Set max turn speed for AI: ai_turn_speed [number]
  • Automatic win for attacker or defender: auto_win [attacker or defender]
  • Ignite all piggy wings: burn_piggies_burn
  • Capture city entered: capture_settlement
  • Reset character to starting stats/settings: character_reset
  • Clear all messages: clear_messages
  • Switch player control to another faction: control [faction name]
  • Create building in city and building type: create_building [city] [building]
  • Creates a unit in a settlement: create_unit [settlement] [unit] [number] [experience] [defenses] [attack]
  • Damage the walls of a settlement: damage_wall
  • Change the year: date [year]
  • Create diplomacy mission: diplomacy_mission
  • Turn off AI for allies and enemies: disable_ai
  • Remove cut scenes: event_cutscenes [true or false]
  • On world map, applies filter: filter_coastlines
  • Force player ally to lose battle: force_battle_defeat
  • Force player ally to win battle: force_battle_victory
  • Set diplomacy stance of two factions: diplomatic_stance
  • Force opponent to accept diplomatic proposal: force_diplomacy
  • Make units 10% cheaper in campaign mode: bestbuy or gamestop
  • Give any trait your faction can have to character: give_trait [character] [trait] [number for level]
  • Give trait points to a character: give_trait_points [character] [number]
  • Move character to map coordinates: move_character [character] [X,Y]
  • Halt AI turn sequence: halt_ai
  • Make general invulnerable in combat: invulnerable_general
  • Enemy walls fall during siege in battle map mode: Jericho
  • Give character movement points: mp [number]
  • Create a unit of Yubtseb elephants: oliphaunt
  • Display the positions of all units in battle: output_unit_positions
  • Complete all building in construction queue: process_cq
  • Complete all military units in recruitment queue: process_rq

Find Attributes

Use these console commands if you need to find attributes for the cheats:

  • List all available ancillaries: factionlist_ancillaries
  • List all characters in the game: list_characters
  • and finally…List all traits: list_traits: List all units in an army

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