Rome Total War Remastered Cheats

Rome Total War Remastered Cheats

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Rome Total War Remastered Cheats – How to enable console and the full list of console commands and their in-game effects

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Rome Total War Remastered Cheats – How to enable the console?

Just enter the game and while playing press “~” (the key to the left of “1” on your keyboard) and enter any of the cheats or console commands we are going to provide you

Rome Total War Remastered Cheats – Console Commands

These are all the available cheats or console commands, cheats are case sensitive, and attributes ([  ]] require the name or id of the attribute

  • Get trait: give_trait [NameOfTheCharacter] [TraitId] [value]
  • + money: add_money [value]
  • + population: add_population [settlementnameorid] [value]
  • Adjust height of sea bed: adjust_sea_bed [value]
  • Set max turn speed for AI: ai_turn_speed [value]
  • Autowin: auto_win [attacker or defender]
  • Ignite all piggy wings: burn_piggies_burn
  • Capture city: capture_settlement
  • Reset stats & settings: character_reset
  • Clear messages: clear_messages
  • Switch faction control: control [factionname]
  • Create buildings: create_building [cityname] [buildingname]
  • Creates units: create_unit [settlementnameorid] [unitname] [value] [exp] [defenses] [attack]
  • Destroy walls: damage_wall
  • Year change: date [year]
  • Create diplomacy missions: diplomacy_mission
  • Turn off AI: disable_ai
  • Remove cut scenes: event_cutscenes [true or false]
  • Filter on map: filter_coastlines
  • Allies lose: force_battle_defeat
  • Allies win: force_battle_victory
  • Diplomacy stance: diplomatic_stance
  • Force diplomatic proposal: force_diplomacy
  • Cheaper units: bestbuy or gamestop
  • Give faction traits: give_trait [NameOfTheCharacter] [TraitId] [level]
  • Trait points: give_trait_points [NameOfTheCharacter] [value]
  • Teleport: move_character [NameOfTheCharacter] [X,Y – Coordinates]
  • Halt AI turn sequence: halt_ai
  • General god mode: invulnerable_general
  • Destroy walls (map mode): Jericho
  • Movement points: mp [value]
  • Yubtseb elephants: oliphaunt
  • Display positions: output_unit_positions
  • Complete all buildings : process_cq
  • Complete all military units: process_rq

As you can see you can change everything using cheats, but it is up to you

Find Attributes

Here you can find lists of all the attributes you will need for the previous cheats or console commands

  • Ancillaries list: factionlist_ancillaries
  • Characters list: list_characters
  • Traits list: list_traits: List all units in an army

Do you know any other cheat or console command? Please leave us a comment with the cheat so we can add it to the list

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