Royale High Winter Halo Answers 2022

Royale High Winter Halo Answers

Last Updated on 4 December, 2022

Royale High Winter Halo Answers 2022 – All the questions and the answers in which you have chances to get the Winter Halo

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Royale High Winter Halo Answers 2022 – Questions & Halo Answers

Unfortunately, the answers with which you can get Winter Halo 2022 are not yet available, but we leave you those of last year, since they normally work during the first days:

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Winter halo 2022

  • Escape the snowy nightmare and leave the abandoned cabin (vi_autumn): Answer A
  • Choose an Activity (ArachnoCutiee): Answer A
  • Snowy figure startles you (Cicilo07): Answer B
  • Mystical item inside of the citadel of ice (luvllyhearts): Answer D
  • Scented candle to light (miniclouds_ii): Answer C
  • Ethereal creature and avalanche (LidiaHopeAngel): Answer C
  • Trail of animal tracks to follow (zephvrix/vixyte): Answer D
  • Boat inside of Snowglobe Summit (Starryfaes): Answer B
  • Ice skates from the rental booth (oOCleopatraOo): Answer C
  • Captain Whiskers some holiday cheer (ThENeRDThATIsRaNDOM): Answer C
  • Beverage from the pale snow fairy (GalxcticGuinea/Lxna_Topcat): Answer B
  • At the Winter Ball (IconicSoftx/MediDaEevee): Answer B and D
  • A part from the table to bring to the man in white (lychee_waffles): Answers A and B
  • Tripping over the snow globe (Mineresta): Answer B
  • Sugary snack for breakfast on a snow day (svftalli): Answer B

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Winter halo 2021

  • Buy a Marvelous Scarf: Answers C & D
  • Colossal Yeti Steals Cookies: Answers A & B
  • Little Girl’s Village is Damaged by the Ice Queen: Answers B
  • Snowball Fight: Answers A & B
  • Bring a flower for the Winter Spirit: Answers ??
  • Read a book to Nugget: Answers A & B
  • Sled Race: Answers B & C
  • Glowing Entity: Answers A & D
  • Scared Penguin: Answers A, B & D
  • Antique Shop: Answers B & C
  • Helping the Fountain Girl: Answers B & C
  • Hat for the Snowman Building Contest: Answers B
  • Speed Skating Contest: Answers A
  • Winter Festival: Answers B & C

If you have doubts about any question or know any other answer, leave us a comment and we will update this guide


Halos are not guaranteed?

The answers we’ve provided are the ones that have a chance of Halo, but it’s not guaranteed. In fact the probability is between 10% and 20% if you choose the indicated answers. If you choose any other answer the probability of halo is 0%. So don’t be surprised if you choose our answer and don’t get the Halo, you should take 5-10 tries to get a Halo.

Answers chances

Each answer can give you diamonds or xp, but it can also take away diamonds, and may even have no impact at all. More or less the odds are + diamonds 25%, – diamonds 25%, + xp 25%, nothing 25%. But the answers we mark as Halo answers have a 5% to 10% chance of giving you the halo


Save up diamonds to make at least 10 attempts, and you’ll have a good chance of landing a halo. Although of course, if you want to insure, save even more diamonds, because the odds don’t stack. That is, if you make an attempt to get a halo and you have a 10% chance of getting it, the next time you try, you will have a 10% chance again. There is no guarantee that after 10 attempts you will get the Winter Halo

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