Royale High Halo Answers – Summer Halo 2023

Royale High Halo Answers

Last Updated on 8 June, 2023

Royale High Halo Answers – We update this guide with the latest Fountain stories & the halo correct answers, everything you need to win halos

How do the Fountain Answers work?

Even if you answer correctly, halos are not guaranteed, You can either win diamonds, lose diamonds, nothing, win a random amount of XP or very rarely a halo, the chances are

  • Win diamonds: 30%
  • Lose diamonds: 30%
  • Win a random amount of XP: 30
  • Win a Halo: 10%

We are going to provide you the correct answers for all the halos, we will update this guide as soon as new halos are available. But you will need some diamonds, because your chance of winning a halo answering correctly is 10%

Royale High Halo Answers – Summer Halo 2023

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Summer Halo 2023

  • Jet Ski Trip (Stellarlucas & CtxwnMiaax): Answer A
  • Summer Carnival (Khaoticos): Answer A
  • Underwater Castle (0bvlouslyana): Answer ??
  • Join a butler’s team (BuyROOKIEOn Itunes): Answer ??
  • Summer Job (Sit_Vampz): Answer C
  • Sea Monster (Valaeria & Tmzserena): Answer ??
  • Surfboard contest (LittleWolfGX): Answer C
  • Summer pageant Stylist (Zelina_Odison): Answer A
  • Choosing an ice cream flavor (iilnspxreil): Answer ??
  • Lost Necklace (Hotdog_Chowder & Sunny_Expl0si0n): Answer A
  • Scuba diving adventure (blurry_bunny & sserot0nin): Answer C
  • Fenix the messenger (iostgirlz & yurisfile): Answer A
  • Seashell Contest (avocadoelise): Answer ??
  • Dominic needs help (E-melxa): Answer A
  • Followwing the voice (exvelyn): Answer C

Royale High Halo Answers – Spring Halo 2023

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Spring Halo 2023

  • The Goose (Unicorn60100): Answer C & B
  • Violet’s Activities (Taeatetea): Answer D
  • Three Flower Fields (QuillLaLoka): Answer A
  • Baby chicks (NotLucyugh): Answer A
  • Maddie’s Petting Zoo (DevilandCat): Answer B & C
  • Bunnies in the tunnel (cakeclaircake): Answer B & D
  • Follow an Arrow (BaBlues250): Answer B
  • Broken Basket (Lexhavvas): Answer B
  • Violet and the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520): Answer B
  • Magical Tornado (PikachuYAY85): Answer B
  • Wendy and Rowena (lightbulb1970): Answer B
  • Delilah’s Farmers Market (EtherealFlyy): Answer D
  • Heavy Rain (SleepyGoblinz): Answer C
  • Enchanted fairy forest (Sammyloop11): Answer A
  • Enchanted portals (MinoRulez2469/Navygirl1233): Answer B & D
  • Violet and the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520): Answer B

Royale High Halo Answers – Winter Halo 2022

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Winter Halo 2022

  • Escape the snowy nightmare and leave the abandoned cabin (vi_autumn): Answer A
  • Choose an Activity (ArachnoCutiee): Answer A
  • Snowy figure startles you (Cicilo07): Answer B
  • Mystical item inside of the citadel of ice (luvllyhearts): Answer D
  • Scented candle to light (miniclouds_ii): Answer C
  • Ethereal creature and avalanche (LidiaHopeAngel): Answer C
  • Trail of animal tracks to follow (zephvrix/vixyte): Answer D
  • Boat inside of Snowglobe Summit (Starryfaes): Answer B
  • Ice skates from the rental booth (oOCleopatraOo): Answer C
  • Captain Whiskers some holiday cheer (ThENeRDThATIsRaNDOM): Answer C
  • Beverage from the pale snow fairy (GalxcticGuinea/Lxna_Topcat): Answer B
  • At the Winter Ball (IconicSoftx/MediDaEevee): Answer B and D
  • A part from the table to bring to the man in white (lychee_waffles): Answers A and B
  • Tripping over the snow globe (Mineresta): Answer B
  • Sugary snack for breakfast on a snow day (svftalli): Answer B

Royale High Halo Answers – Halloween Halo 2022

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Halloween Halo 2022 – Witching Hour

  • Giant magical scarecrow: Answer C
  • Choosing trail Abandoned pumpkin patch: Answer C
  • Help Hazel the earth fairy: ??
  • Butternut the squirrel and his friends: Answers B & C
  • Flyer for the Wickery Cliffs Halloween Festival: Answers B & D
  • Adam first at the Fall Festival: Answers B & C
  • Potion ingredients in the Halloween-themed house: Answers B & C
  • Intersection in the corn maze: ??
  • Royale High Fall Farmers Market: Answer A
  • Elderly lady who offers to knit you something: Answer B
  • Snowy owl: Answer A
  • Colorful leaf from the fountain dimension: ??
  • Foggy woods after following the weeping sound: Answers A & C
  • Black cat on the cliff: Answer B
  • Abandoned Mansion: Answers C & D
  • Noticing the fox, orange forest, and colorful sunset: Answers A & C
  • Glowing chest in the costume store: Answers B & D
  • Dessert from the old woman at the fall-themed café: Answers B & D
  • Potion to make at the youthful witch’s booth: Answer A and D
  • Swirling leaves turn into something that looks humanoid: Answers A & B
  • Pumpkin to carve for the baby-faced girl’s contest: Answer A
  • Maxwell the Ghost: Answer B
  • Old Stall Vendor: Answers A & B
  • Graveyard Realm: Answer C

Halloween Halo info > Here

Royale High Halo Answers – Mermaid Halo 2022

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Mermaid Halo 2022

  • Enchanted seashell scepter: ??
  • Monrovia Bizerries: Answer C
  • The missing crab, Storm: Answer C
  • Pandora, the Water Nymph: Answer A
  • Pick a Seashell: Answer D
  • Glowing Bottle: ??
  • Captain Whiskers: Answer A
  • Four Mermaids: Answer B
  • Intense Heat: Answer B
  • Cake decorating contest: Answer D
  • Strange seashell: Answer A
  • The ice cream store: Answer C
  • Pirate’s lost treasure: Answer A
  • Summer Fairground: Answer B
  • Summer Carnival: Answer A
  • Choose a Cave: Answer A
  • Sandcastle competition: Answer D

Mermaid Halo info > Here

Royale High Halo Answers – Spring Halo 2022

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Spring Halo 2022

  • Choose a dance parter for the Castle Garden Dance-Off: Answer D
  • Summon the naiad and choose a flower: Answer D
  • Choose which plant to find for the Fountain Girl: Answer B
  • Help Lucille prepare for the annual flower festival: Answer D
  • Choose an instrument: Answer B
  • Choose which plant to water first for Blossom: Answer B
  • Earthquake in Divina Park: Answer C
  • Helping the mother robin: Answer B
  • Choose a fashion model from Aria: Answer soon
  • Help Nissa with the Venus Flytrap: Answer C
  • Choose a magnificent flower for the Divina Park Flower Picking Contest: Answer B & C
  • Choose a path in the flower realm: Answer soon

Spring Halo info > Here

Royale High Halo Answers – Winter Halo 2021

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Winter halo 2021

  • Buy a Marvelous Scarf: Answers C & D
  • Colossal Yeti Steals Cookies: Answers A & B
  • Little Girl’s Village is Damaged by the Ice Queen: Answers B
  • Snowball Fight: Answers A & B
  • Bring a flower for the Winter Spirit: Answers ??
  • Read a book to Nugget: Answers A & B
  • Sled Race: Answers B & C
  • Glowing Entity: Answers A & D
  • Scared Penguin: Answers A, B & D
  • Antique Shop: Answers B & C
  • Helping the Fountain Girl: Answers B & C
  • Hat for the Snowman Building Contest: Answers B
  • Speed Skating Contest: Answers A
  • Winter Festival: Answers B & C

Winter Halo info > Here

Royale High Halo Answers – Halloween Halo 2021

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Halloween halo 2021

  • Abandoned Mansion: Answer C
  • Costume Pieces Chest: Answers B & D
  • Dark Kitten: Answer B
  • Forrest’s Voice: A & B
  • Graveyard Realm: Answer C
  • Halloween Festival: Answer B & D
  • Jimx’s Potion Brew: Answer D
  • Leaves Creature: Answers A, B & C
  • Maxwell the Ghost: Answer B & C
  • Potion Making: Answer B

Royale High Halo Answers – Summer Mermaid Halo 2021

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Mermaid halo 2021

  • Sabrina Treasures: Answer d – Nothing
  • Glass Bottle: Answer d – Ignore the bottle
  • Piece of Paper: Answer A – Take the piece
  • Evil Sea Witch: Answer B – Fight the sea
  • Marina the mermaid, Marine life exploration: Answer D – Open Waters
  • Walk on the beach, Orange hermit Crab: Options A – New Shell, or C – Find it a friend
  • Swimming at Beach House, Pathways in Cavern: Options A, B or C
  • Docks at earth, helping aquatic creatures: Option A – Dolphins
  • Purple hair mermaid called Grimm: Option C – Suggest to bake a cake
  • Botanical garden, Water nymph, Nymph voice: Option C – The Mother Pearl
  • Sand Sculpture building contest: Option B – Mermaid sculpture
  • Science class, enchanting aquatic people: Option B – The Diamond Beach
  • Crab falls into hole, Summer sea treasure hunt: Option A – Mermaid Lagoon
  • Relaxing at sunset island, Mina the mermaid: Option B – The Glimmering Crystal Reef
  • Golden hair Fairy: Option C – Approach the Crowded field harboring picnic tables

Royale High Halo Answers – Spring Halo 2021

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Spring halo 2021

  • Flora the Fairy: Answer A
  • Cherry Blossoms: Answer D
  • A crossroad: Answer A
  • Mysterious woman story: Answer C
  • Delicate Flower Bed: Answer C
  • Red Rover Story: Answer B
  • Garden Club: Answer C
  • Flower Wreaths: Answer D
  • History Report Story: Answer B or C
  • Follow the bird: Answer C
  • Fountain Lady’s Quest: Answer D
  • A lone Bunny: Answer C
  • Magic Petals & Pollen: Anwer A
  • Save a Flower: Answer D
  • Spring Maiden: Answer A
  • Suki Butterflies: Answer A

Royale High Halo Answers – Lucky Halo 2021

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Lucky halo 2021

  • Detective Story: Answer C
  • Activity Stands: Answers A or C
  • Cupid’s Arrows: Answer A
  • Help a Butler: Answer A
  • Frosting Explosion: Answer B
  • Free Teddy: Answers B or D
  • Pastry Dessert: Answer B
  • Flower’s Nymph: Answers B or d
  • Princess Valerie / Dark Cupid: Answer C
  • Penguin & a Stone: Answer A
  • Toothpaste: Answer B
  • Buy something at the festival: Answers A or C
  • Crying Cupid: Answer C
  • Unicorn Horn: Answer A
  • Pick a Rose: Answer B
  • Busy Cupid: Answer C

Royale High Halo Answers – Valentines Halo 2021

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Valentines halo 2021

  • Crying Cupid Story: Answer C (Helping Him)
  • Penguin Story: Answer A
  • Activity / Festival Stand Story: Answer A
  • Frosting Story: Answer C
  • 4 roses on the table: Answer C
  • Sad Cupid (but not crying): Answer C (Valentine Day gift)
  • Fall into the fountain: Answer A
  • Festival Tokens: Answer C

Royale High Halo Answers – Winter Halo 2020

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Winter halo 2020

  • Yeti story: A
  • MMO story:
  • Silver Snow Witch : C
  • Gingerbread man: A
  • Pastry ordering: B
  • Inside a home: A
  • Giggles: B
  • Ghost story: A
  • Ice skating/Lost & found dress story: D
  • Struggling Polar Bear: A
  • Polar Bear and hot chocolate : A
  • Paper folding story: Triple Folded

Royale High Halo Answers – Halloween Halo 2020

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Halloween halo 2020

  • Costume story: a princess costume or werewolf costume
  • Hunter story: look for legendary creatures
  • Potion Story: sleepy potion
  • Riddle story: he was lonely and wanted a friend
  • Bowl of Candy and the ghosts: option A and D
  • Teddyzilla and witches: option D
  • Cove and Pale Man: option D
  • Path story: option C
  • Card story: option A
  • Halloween Party story: option B

Royale High Halo Answers – Mermaid Halo 2020

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Mermaid halo 2020

  • Adam Smoothie Story – Option C = Mango
  • Nymphs Story – Option B = Graciously help them
  • Carnival Coloring Book Story – Option B = A sandy beach
  • Beach House Fin Story – Option A
  • Island Invaded by Goats- Option D =  Make Friends with the Goats
  • Abandoned Treasure in Ocean – Option B = Deep Gloomy Caves
  • Fresh Homemade Lemonade – Option C
  • Sand Structure Building Competition – Option B
  • Small Turtle Trapped – Option A
  • Scuba Diving – Option B

You can also check the answers in Spanish: Respuestas

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  1. I really want to start a collection of halos but so far have not managed to get one. However I appreciate this website and will always use it when ‘casting a wish’ in the fountain of dreams 🙂

    • Good luck! Even if you know the answers, the chances are 1%, but along the way you should win more diamonds than you lose.

  2. o.m.g i got oneeeeee!!! tysmmmmmmmmm for thisss! even tho it took long i got oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! but srsly very long. very very long.

  3. this is really been a great help! I started playing again 2 months ago and dreaming of the spring halo, havent got the spring halo but hope to get it soon!

  4. Update. i ve been using the answers here and it always came out as nothing or xps. I suddgest for you to not try it.

  5. for lone bunny do not pick c. she thinks ur trying to steal her rabbit. also, for red rover do not pick b. u get frightened by adam’s muscles so you let go causing your team to lose and u offer your diamonds as an apology

    • Uhm it does work, sometimes you just lose diamonds or nothing. Its just by chance, none these are basicly “correct answer” its just an answer to help you getting a halo

    • Its not a rip off you always dont get a halo, I mean exp is still good also even if you lose diamonds, its not the sites fault. I even picked all of them correct yet half of the time I didnt even get diamonds or exp, I either got nothing or lost diamonds, but that is just my luck.

  6. There is more than one story ending for each option A, B, C, or D. Some of the choices have at least 3 different endings! This article is not very helpful because if you choose the answers on here, it will sometimes give you the “bad ending” and then you will lose diamonds. Sometimes a particular ending will be the same for a few days before changing, so it’s best to do the fountain stories as often as you can once you’ve found some good endings, as there’s a chance you will get the same ones again before they change. Also, chance of getting a halo is less than 10%. It’s less than 1%.

    You can also use Diamond Beach fountain near spawn outside the apartments to do the stories. It’s less crowded, less laggy and so less likely to kick you from the server before you’ve completed the story, but avoid fireworks time as this sometimes messes with the story and uses up your session before you complete it.

    • these pages are to help you increase your chance of winnnig a halo, even if you lose diamonds,gain diamonds,or gain exp. also, the chances of getting a halo are slim, but its also luck based.

    • sorry for late reply
      but the correct answers dont gurantee you will always get a halo, these correct answer pages increase your chance of getting a halo even if if you lose diamonds,gain exp, or gain diamonds.

  7. This was extremely helpful! For the Mermaid halo 2021 Water Nymph story I managed to get the halo, so it’s one way I know that this page is correct!

  8. Also! They have some new story’s , if you could add them soon it would be really helpful because I’m not to sure what to pick! My next goal is to get a halo for each of my siblings…somehow I need to win 13 more halos…

  9. i was so close to getting one, i had the peice of peper question, then i went to another app, this site for a quick second to see what then answer i had, and the question had “something only a few royale high players get” then i go back then got disconnected. i was crying :(((((

  10. I got a story about the Halloween festival I put B and got XP instead of the Halo! But still I appreciate that I could get some help from here!

    • The halo is never guaranteed, in the halo responses there are between 5% and 10% chances of halo. And that 5% or 10% is proven

  11. correct. sometimes the answer might be correct or wrong (when i did the mansion story i choose the correct answer the first time but when i tried the same answer again the next time, the outlook was different) so don’t blame them 😀

  12. Wow, this helped me so much, honestly i actually am getting tons of halo’s from these answers right now. Thank you so much. 👍🏻 ツ

  13. Apparently this works because I got a halo within 2months since I first started and now I just wanted to say there are new questions I’m the winter season so please update that ^^ other than that most of this works well and they will get you the halo ^^ also don’t expect as if you’ll get a halo immediately. This is only based on the chances given to you and the luck you have so please don mot blame it on this website

  14. For the “Flower for the Winter Spirit” one, I put the White Snowdrop choice, I believe “C”, and I got diamonds, so I believe that could be one of the right answers

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