Rune Factory 4 Marriage Candidates RF4

Rune Factory 4 Marriage Candidates

Last Updated on 5 December, 2021

Rune Factory 4 Marriage Candidates RF4 – All the Candidates, Bachelorettes, Bachelors, release date and same gender marriage or gay marriage

Rune Factory 4 Marriage Candidates – Full List

There are twelve marriage candidates, six bachelorettes and six bachelors to choose from

RF4 Bachelorettes

There are six bachelorettes available for marriage

  • Margaret: An elf who plays music at the local eatery. Humorless and nosy, but underneath her bossy exterior is a kind girl
  • Forte: A female knight guarding the town. Inherited her father’s title after his death. Stubborn, easily flustered when the subject of sweets comes up, but dependable, and often spoils her younger brother, Kiel
  • Dolce: A girl with a sharp tongue. Good at sewing and can contact ghosts, much to her annoyance. Often makes sarcastic remarks, mostly in the general direction of a certain obsessive ghost, but is actually sweet and warm-hearted.
  • Xiao Pai: Works at the inn with her mother, Lin Fa. Mature, but has difficulty showing it due to her tendency to make clumsy mistakes. Feels lonely quite easily
  • Clorica: A  butler working in the castle. Falls asleep a lot. Finishes her work quickly by somehow working in her sleep, and can even cook a gourmet meal while sleeping with ease
  • Amber: Transformed from a butterfly-shaped monster and now works at Illuminata’s flower shop. Loves the warm sun and hates being cold. Her smiles seem to be contagious. Clorica’s sleeping buddy

RF4 Bachelors

There are six bachelors available for marriage

  • Vishnal: A butler in the castle who has amassed quite an array of knowledge on farming. Trains hard every day to be a full-fledged butler, but his gullible and emotional nature sometimes gets in the way. The oldest son, with many brothers and sisters
  • Dylas: Transformed from a horse monster and now works as a server at Porcoline’s restaurant. Quiet and often misunderstood. Doesn’t seem to get along well with Doug
  • Kiel: Always has his nose in a book. Very gullible and prone to gossip, but even when he’s been tricked he’s all smiles. Loves his sister, Forte, and often entrusts her with secrets. Well, at least he tries
  • Arthur: A prince of Norad. Kind and calm, but sometimes a little overly-predictable. Has unique tastes, and his reports are often so thoroughly accurate that he has been mistaken for a fortune-teller
  • Doug: An enthusiastic and easygoing dwarf — Perhaps a little too easygoing, as he often dives into situations before thinking. Always worried about Blossom, which in turn makes her worry about him
  • Leon: A man once sealed in Leon Karnak. Easygoing and loves messing with people, but works hard and secretly helps them out however he can. Has a charismatic aura that causes others to naturally look up to him

Rune Factory 4 Marriage Candidates – Gay Marriage?

The game doesn’t prohibit the gay marriage per se, but you’ll have to use a workaround and your imagination to make it possible

When you complete the second story arc and defeat the Sechs Empire, you’ll unlock a special list of Price & Princess Orders. Among these is “Change main character appearance.”, and you can change your character’s name, vocal cues, and appearance to that of the opposite gender protagonist.

So you see, although it is not officially implemented, you could say that it is allowed. If you want it officially, you will have to wait for Rune Factory 5, where it is confirmed, as you can see here

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