Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates RF5

Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates RF5 – All the Candidates, Bachelorettes, Bachelors, release date and same gender marriage or gay marriage confirmed

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Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates – Full List

There are twelve marriage candidates for Ares and Alice, six bachelorettes and six bachelors to choose from, whatever your gender, it doesn’t matter if you choose Ares or Alice

RF5 Bachelorettes

There are six bachelorettes available for marriage

  • Priscilla (CV Inori Minase): Bright and gentle town girl
  • Scarlett (CV Aya Suzuki): half elf girl, Elite Member of Seed
  • Lucy (CV Yuka Iguchi): An energetic girl who loves contests
  • Fuqua or Fuka (CV Aki Toyosaki): A hones dog-like girl, she cannot yet speak, read, or write
  • Ludmila (CV Sumire Morohoshi): A dangerous succubus who loves self-control.
  • Beatrice (CV Tomoyo Kurosawa): A sweet but pampered woman related to the Kingdom of Norad

RF5 Bachelors

There are six bachelors available for marriage

  • Martin (CV Jun Fukuyama): A young man who aims to be the best blacksmith
  • Reinhard (CV Natsuki Hanae): A knight who pledges allegiance to the kingdom
  • Cecile (CV Ayumu Murase): A young man who has delusions of mysteries and scandals
  • Murakumo (CV Shunsuke Takeuchi): The young wereanimal who runs the only inn in Rigbarth
  • Lucas (CV Shotaro Morikubo): A gentleman who enjoys new discoveries
  • Lyka or Ryker (CV Yoshitsugu Matsuoka): A suspicious young man with two sides

Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates – Gay Marriage?

Yes, there will be gay marriage in the west version of the game:

According to an announcement shared by Marvelous and XSEED: for the first time in the series Earthmates can choose any of the twelve eligible marriage candidates regardless of gender. Check here the announcement

Rune Factory 5 will release in March 2022 in the west. So everything is not confirmed yet, but the main doubts of the fans have already been resolved, we already know the bachelors, bachelorettes, marriage candidates, the release date, and it is confirmed, RF 5 will support support same-s*x marriage or gay marriage. And this is new, because although in Rune Factory 4 you could achieve a gay marriage with a little imagination, as you can see here, it was not official.

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