Rune Factory 5 Martin Gifts

Rune Factory 5 Martin Gifts

Last Updated on 13 October, 2022

Rune Factory 5 Martin Gifts – Loved, Liked, Neutral, Disliked & Hated Gifts – To increase affection and unlock Dating Quests

Give the Loved & Liked Gifts to increase affection and unlock dating quests with which to get married

Rune Factory 5 Martin Gifts – Loved & Liked

If you want to increase the affection, give the liked and (especially) the loved Gifts once a day

  • Loved Gifts: Draconic Stone, Orichalcum, Fruit Sandwich
  • Liked Gifts: Ores, Fruits, Scrap Metal, Scrap Metal+, Ammonite, Pink Melon, Conqueror Melon
  • Neutral Gifts: All items not listed in previous categories
  • Disliked Gifts: Mushrooms, Abalone, Blowfish, Object X, Dry Grass, Weeds, Failed Dish, Super Failed Dish, Stone, Branch, Empty Can, Boot
  • Hated Gifts: Awabi butter, Blowfish Sashimi, Grilled Blowfish

Although we put all their likes, you are only interested in the Loved and Liked, the Neutral do not contribute anything, and the Disliked and Hated will even penalize your relationship with Martin

Martin’s Birthday RF5

Martin’s birthday is Fall 8

Rune Factory 5 Martin Gifts – How to Give Gifts?

Go to inventory > Select the Item > Talk to Martin > Give the gift

Gifts only take effect once a day, so don’t give the same gift until the next day if you want it to have any effect on character affection

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About Martin

An apprentice striving to become the greatest blacksmith the world’s ever known. Not fond of talking to others and easily misunderstood due to his blunt nature. Takes immense pride in his work (it’s rumored that he secretly names his tools) and usually only has smithing on his mind, but his world starts to change once he meets the protagonist.

Martin has pale skin with fern green hair and stern-looking amber eyes. He dresses in a sleeveless gray turtleneck, a strapped vest made with leather shoulders made of a dark cloth and silver arm guards over long white gloves

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