Rune Factory 5 Murakumo Gifts

Rune Factory 5 Murakumo Gifts

Last Updated on 13 October, 2022

Rune Factory 5 Murakumo Gifts – Loved, Liked, Neutral, Disliked & Hated Gifts – To increase affection and unlock Dating Quests

Give the Loved & Liked Gifts to increase affection and unlock dating quests with which to get married

Rune Factory 5 Murakumo Gifts – Loved & Liked

If you want to increase the affection, give the liked and (especially) the loved Gifts once a day

  • Loved Gifts: Power Gloves, Champion Belt, Hero’s Proof, Skipjack, Union Stew
  • Liked Gifts: Golem stones, Big Giant’s Nail, Dragon Fang, Blue Giant’s Glove, Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Dumplings, Meat Dumpling, Chinese Manju, Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Boiled Gyoza
  • Neutral Gifts: All items not listed in previous categories
  • Disliked Gifts: Cake, Cheesecake, Pancakes, French Toast, Chocolate, Object X, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food, Rock, Branch, Can, Rare Can, Boot
  • Hated Gifts: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Sponge

Although we put all their likes, you are only interested in the Loved and Liked, the Neutral do not contribute anything, and the Disliked and Hated will even penalize your relationship with Murakumo

Murakumo’s Birthday RF5

Murakumo’s birthday is Summer 2

Rune Factory 5 Murakumo Gifts – How to Give Gifts?

Go to inventory > Select the Item > Talk to Murakumo > Give the gift

Gifts only take effect once a day, so don’t give the same gift until the next day if you want it to have any effect on character affection

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About Murakumo

A very jovial, somewhat careless, and self-sacrificing were-animal who runs Rigbarth’s only inn. Cares deeply about others, and so tends to go overboard giving customers freebies due to his overwhelming desire to make them happy. Unfortunately, this means he often fails to make a profit. After meeting the protagonist, he learns to consider things from his patrons’ point of view and starts thinking about how to improve his inn.

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