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Sands of Aura Map

Sands of Aura Map

Last Updated on 28 November, 2023

Sands of Aura Map – Chashu Entertainment ‘s game – Complete map of the game with all locations and points of interest

Sands of Aura Map

This is the complete map of the game, with all locations and points of interest, click on the image to enlarge

Sands of Aura Map

About the game

A tormented god has unleashed a cataclysm that has left the world of Talamhel in perpetual night. The hourglass of time has broken and its essence has spilled across the planet, creating an infinite sea of ​​sand. The once prosperous world of Talamhel has become a shadow of its former glory, and those who called it home have fallen to its poison, becoming violent and tenacious undead soldiers. But Talamhel has not fallen… Not yet. For generations, those with righteous hearts have persevered. You’re one of them. On the eve of your induction into the Order of the Remnant Knights, the last protectors of men, Talamhel is once again struck by tragedy. The corrupt nature of the Night Plague has mutated. The kingdom of men needs the Remnant Knights more than ever.

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