Sunkenland Map (2024)

Sunkenland Map

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

Sunkenland Map – A complete map of the game, with marked points of interest and details of each of the islands

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Sunkenland Map – Full Map

This is a map of the entire game. The islands look very small, but right after the map we detail what you can find in each number

Points of interest

So you know which is each of the islands on the map:

  1. The Castaway Island
  2. The Mansion
  3. The Mutant Settlement
  4. District 43
  5. Unknown Ruins
  6. Trading Outpost
  7. Neptune
  8. Machin Factory
  9. Small Rock Island
  10. Stormborn Outpost
  11. Village
  12. Apartments
  13. Mutants Raft
  14. Drowned Downtown
  15. Iron Skull Base
  16. School
  17. Police Station
  18. Radio Island
  19. Amusement Park
  20. Civic Center
  21. Ashbond Outpost
  22. The Bridge
  23. Iceberg
  24. Iron Helmet Base
  25. Metal Mine
  26. Gas Station
  27. Loner Base
  28. The Parking Lot
  29. Twin Rocks
  30. Highway Passes
  31. Warehouse
  32. Rubber Duck Island
  33. Faraway Island
  34. The Ruins Island
  35. The Cliffton Outpost
  36. Submerged Downtown
  37. Power Plant
  38. Refinery
  39. Zion Atoll
  40. Green Isle
  41. Dreadville

About Sunkenland

A thrilling post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game, Sunkenland is set in a time when much of the Earth was submerged. Explore submerged cities, gather materials and useful technology, establish a base, engage in trade, engage in combat, and live.

Discover the underground subway, nuclear power reactors, and skyscrapers. Gather supplies, look for vanishing technologies, and amass rare pre-apocalyptic objects. Create diving equipment to help you navigate the seas. And be on the lookout for the unidentified peril that lurks in this planet’s depths.

Anywhere you choose, build your base. Will it be a ship base, an underwater stronghold, or an island penthouse? You require it to stay safe, craft things, farm, store things, and keep oneself rejuvenated. You can design your own enclave using the modular construction concept and decorate it with items you’ve collected along the way.

Protect your base from mutant and pirate factions. To keep the enemies off your land, construct towering walls, barbed wire, traps, a surveillance system, and artillery!

Build anything you require, including vehicles, jet skis, weaponry, and even a helicopter. To create sophisticated products, you’ll need several workstations and blueprints.

Obtain food, pursue sharks, cultivate plants, and control resources. Due to the scarcity of resources, make your base sustainable.

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