Sharkbite Weapons Guide

Sharkbite Weapons

Last Updated on 15 July, 2022

Sharkbite Weapons Guide – All the Weapons, their cost, ammo, and their strengths so you know in which situations you are interested in using them

Sharkbite Weapons Guide – List & Prices

These are all the weapons, their cost (teeth) and their ammo

  • Rifle: 0 Teeth, Ammo = 10
  • Harpoon: 50 Teeth, Ammo = 1
  • Rocket Launcher: 150 Teeth, Ammo = 2
  • Shotgun: 350 Teeth, Ammo = 4
  • Gift Launcher: 500 Teeth, Ammo = 7
  • Pumpkin Launcher: 500 Teeth, Ammo = 7
  • Web Launcher: 650 Teeth, Ammo = 10
  • Commando: 800 Teeth, Ammo = 30
  • AK-47: 1000 Teeth, Ammo = 30
  • Squid Sniper: 1250 Teeth, Ammo = 5
  • Candy Cane Sniper: 1250 Teeth, Ammo = 5
  • Ray Gun: 1500 Teeth, Ammo = 20
  • Shark Blaster: 2000 Teeth, Ammo = 30
  • Minigun: 2500 Teeth, Ammo = 150
  • Snowball Launcher: Off Sale

Sharkbite Weapons Guide – Weapon Info


  • Good accuracy
  • Does a decent job if aimed properly


  • High damage
  • High accuracy
  • Very low price

Rocket Launcher:

  • Moderate damage per clip
  • Affordable price
  • Quick reload time


The weapon is severely held back by its lack of accuracy & fire rate, which leaves it a mediocre weapon at best

Gift Launcher:

  • Good fire rate.
  • Good for close range.
  • Okay magazine size.
  • High Damage/DPS
  • Can beat the Great White, Ghost, and Rudolph sharks with 24 shots.
  • You can use it to get away from the shark (if you’re lucky)
  • Cheap
  • Can make sea mines.
  • Amazing hitbox.
  • Good combination with the Golden Speedboat when being chased by Shark

Pumpkin Launcher:

  • Fast Fire Rate
  • Good Damage
  • Good Clip Size
  • Cheap

Web Launcher:

  • Statistically better than the Commando, despite being cheaper.
  • A less powerful alternative to the Ray Gun.
  • Projectiles travel relatively fast, making it a good option for players who consider themselves bad at aiming


  • High fire rate
  • Viable at both close range and mid range

AK 47:

  • Good DPS (Damage per second)
  • Can unload all of the bullets at the shark in seconds giving it little time to dodge.
  • Decent reload time.
  • Highest DPS in the game if an auto clicker is used.
  • Faster reload than Ray gun

Squid Sniper:

  • Very accurate
  • High damage
  • Infinite range so you can snipe anywhere

Ray Gun:

  • Great damage per clip
  • Has high DPS
  • Long range
  • High clip size
  • Quick reload time.

Shark Blaster:

  • Can beat the mosasaurus in 12 magazines.
  • Moderate damage.
  • Automatic

Best Weapons


  • High ammo capacity(though it runs out of ammo pretty fast).
  • Can shoot directly backwards like other guns.
  • Extremely high fire rate.
  • Is able to do insane damage if you can pump a full mag into the shark.
  • Can overwhelm the shark with bullets.
  • Highest damage per magazine.
  • Highest DPS in the game(can remove over half of the sharks hp in seconds)

Candy Cane Sniper:

  • Very accurate
  • Cheaper than the squid sniper
  • Exact same damage as the Squid Sniper

Snowball Launcher:

  • The bombs have no collision, so you can actually fire from a closed space.
  • High damage if used underwater because of the bombs being in one spot.
  • Combine this with a Submarine and you can kill a shark in a short period of time.
  • MASSIVE area splash.
  • The best underwater-combat launcher.
  • The amount of bombs in this launcher are so high that they can fling boats and players (even push a titanic a tiny bit), making it the ultimate trolling weapon. Such as flinging players out of a boat, flipping boats and you can even make some light boats fly for a short time.
  • If the gun is eaten, you can still fire it normally

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