Shuudan Specialty Tier List – Roblox’s Ultimate Soccer Experience

Shuudan Specialty Tier List Roblox

Last Updated on 11 February, 2023

Shuudan Specialty Tier List – Roblox’s Ultimate Soccer Experience – What you should aim for, and the Tier List – Target Specialties ranked from Tier S to Tier C)

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Shuudan Specialty Tier List – Ranked

In Shuudan, each player has distinct Personalities and Specialties that grant them special abilities, such as increased stamina, speed, or defensive skills. In order to help you navigate the different Specialties available, we’ve created a ranked tier list of all Specialties in Shuudan.

S Tier Shuudan Specialty

  • Trackstar

A Tier Shuudan Specialty

  • Hawk Eye
  • Speedster

B Tier Shuudan Specialty

  • Power Shoot
  • Body Power

C Tier Shuudan Specialty

  • Bird Eye
  • Upper Power

Get ready for a unique sports experience with Shuudan on Roblox! Inspired by the Blue Lock manga series, players can train, level up, and engage in PvP matches to become the top player in the Blue Lock program.

Shuudan Best Specialty Tier List – Unlock Your Potential in Roblox

In this article, we present a ranked tier list of all the Specialties in Shuudan and how they can impact your gameplay.

Best Specialty Tier List in Shuudan

S Tier Specialties in Shuudan

Trackstar – Unleash Your Endurance on the Field

Trackstar is arguably the best specialty in Shuudan, granting players increased stamina stats. This is a huge advantage for any player on the field, except for goalkeepers. Trackstar players are particularly effective in center or defensive positions.

A Tier Specialties in Shuudan

Hawk Eye – Stay Ahead of the Game

Hawk Eye players can see their opponents’ stamina and Flow bars, giving them valuable insight into the opponent’s attack strategy. By knowing when their opponent’s stamina is low, or predicting their next move from their Flow bar, Hawk Eye players have a huge advantage in the game.

Speedster – Speed Up Your Game

Speedster players have a boost in movement and sprint speed, making them a great choice for attacking positions. They can easily break through defenses, making them a formidable opponent on the field.

B Tier Specialties in Shuudan

Power Shoot – Increase Your Kicking Power

Power Shoot players have a boost in kicking power, making them a good pick for strikers. They can also be effective sweeper goalkeepers who like to send the ball flying into the opponent’s half of the field.

Body Power – Defend with Confidence

Body Power players have increased defensive stats, making them a great choice for defensive positions. With Body Power, you can block opponents and prevent them from scoring.

C Tier Specialties in Shuudan

Bird Eye – Enhance Your Vision

Bird Eye players have vision of other players’ stamina bars, but we’ve ranked this low because Hawk Eye provides the same benefit, plus the added bonus of the Flow bar. While Bird Eye can be useful for strikers to run at defenders with low stamina, there are better options for strikers such as Trackstar and Speedster.

Upper Power – Soar to New Heights

Upper Power players can jump higher, which can be useful for goalkeepers or strikers who prefer heading in shots. However, the overall utility of this specialty is quite low compared to other options in Shuudan.

Shuudan info you need to know

Knowing your Specialties and how they can impact your gameplay can give you a huge advantage in Shuudan. Choose wisely, and become the ultimate egotistical player in the Blue Lock program.

In the world of Shuudan, a sports experience on Roblox inspired by the Blue Lock manga series, players get to train, level up, and compete in intense PvP soccer matches to become the best in the program. Each player is unique, with special Personalities and Specialties that grant them exclusive abilities like increased stamina, speed, and defensive proficiency.

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