Sins Raid Heroes Of Light – How to Get a Great Star ( Tips & Tricks)

sins raid heroes of light

Last Updated on 7 December, 2022

Sins Raid Heroes Of Light (How To Get A Great Star) – Do you want to advance quickly in Sins Raid, then read this guide and soak up all our tips and tricks.

If you want to compete with the top players and take on the toughest opponents, you must experiment to find the ideal team configuration for your specific situation.

This guide contains the advice you need to have a great start in Sins Raid. Available on Google Play is the game Sins Raid.

Sins Raid Heroes Of Light – Tips & Tricks

Sins Raid Heroes Of Light – Sins Raid: The Basics

The main goal of Sins Raid is to gather strong heroes, create a team, and defeat enemy levels.

You are allowed to have a team of five heroes, but we advise bringing at least one support hero and one tanky hero.

It’s time to engage in combat once your crew has been put together.

You’ll initially only be engaging in campaign stages, which feature bosses and squads of enemies.

Later on, you’ll also be testing yourself with unique material like quests and PvP.

Your team of heroes will automatically employ their default attack against foes during combat.

It is your responsibility to decide when to employ their special powers and active abilities as well as who to target.

Compared to most other idle RPG games, this active aspect of combat greatly increases the player’s influence on the result of a battle.

You receive resources and other helpful stuff for winning battles, which you may use to upgrade your characters and summon new ones, among other things.

Sins Raid Heroes Of Light – Getting heroes

At Sins Raid, hero summons in the tavern are the main method of obtaining heroes.

You can perform both common and epic summons in the tavern.

The best heroes in the game, SS rank heroes, can be obtained from premium summons whereas S rank heroes, the maximum rarity, are only available from regular summons.

You receive one premium summon and a few free normal summons each day. Use each and every one of these.

When your supply of free summons runs out, you can buy additional heroes with summoning cards or gems.

Additionally, the tavern has an elemental summon option where you can call various types of heroes.

You require elemental summon cards, which are uncommon, to use the elemental summon.

The hero ritual, events, and hero exchange are additional methods for obtaining heroes in Sins Raid.

You can trade heroes for soul shards in the hero exchange.

By completing specific quests and buying them from the store, you can get soul shards.

Once you’ve satisfied certain criteria, such as a particular number of tasks finished and goods acquired, you can create specific heroes via the hero ritual.

Heroes are frequently offered as prizes in the game’s events.

Sins Raid Heroes Of Light – Collect idle rewards

By completing Sins Raid’s stages and missions, you can acquire resources and practical items.

However, collecting idle rewards is the best way to earn resources and stuff throughout the game.

Resources and items that your team passively collects for you while you aren’t actively playing the game are known as idle rewards.

Navigate to the main screen, select Idle Time, and then select Claim to receive your idle benefits.

Even if you don’t intend to play the game that day, make sure you return each day to earn your idle rewards.

You can be sure you’re moving along in the game if you do this.

How To Progress Faster

In Sins Raid, some of the things you may do to advance more quickly include upgrading heroes, finishing missions, going to the shop, and equipping and upgrading gear.

Your heroes should first be upgraded if you want to advance through the game more quickly.

You can go through the campaign more quickly and may get help if you get stuck at a level by upgrading your heroes.

Go to the heroes tab in the bottom menu, choose a hero, and click Level Up to upgrade them.

If you’d like, you can also decide to level up every deployed hero at once.

You’ll need a lot of resources for your adventures, so be sure to complete all of the daily, weekly, and advancement tasks.

Additionally, you can get a free supply pack every day from the Supplies page of the shop; make sure to get that as well.

Last but not least, equipping new gear or upgrading existing gear is a fantastic way to increase the strength of your team

This may be done on the Heroes tab of the Gears menu. Keep in mind that only gear with a blue rarity or higher can be improved.

Join a guild

Joining a guild in Sins Raid is something you should do as soon as you can.

There are a number of advantages to joining a guild that will speed up your advancement.

When you join a guild, you have access to special resources and equipment that are only available to guild members.

You’ll also be part of a group of players who can aid in your advancement.

We advise you to join an active guild with lots of people, if you can locate one.

You must be level 22 or higher to join a guild.

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