Splatoon 3 Story Mode Tips & Tricks

Splatoon 3 Story Mode Tips & Tricks

Last Updated on 19 November, 2023

Splatoon 3 Story Mode Tips & Tricks – game by Nintendo – Easy method to play Splatoon 3 in story mode, all info that you need to know.

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Splatoon 3 Story Mode Tips & Tricks – How to start

To start the single-player Story Mode, simply go down the manhole cover in the lobby occupied by Cuttlefish. You’ll be transported to another location, and the Hero mode opening cinematic will begin.

To learn moves and abilities in each stage, follow Cuttlefish’s instructions. One of the things that makes this one of the best Nintendo Switch games right now is the variety introduced in these stages.

Splatoon 3 Story Mode Tips & Tricks – Info

In the Options tab of the menu, play around with the joystick sensitivity setting until you find a configuration that seems comfortable to you. If you’d prefer, you can also disable the motion controls.

Weapons on each stage can be used more easily or more difficultly. Simpler options yield fewer benefits, but if you want to avoid feeling discouraged, stick with an option that falls within your skill level. Of course, you can always test yourself later with more difficult weaponry.

Aiming upward is preferable to aiming below. Every weapon has a splatting distance, and shooting forward will enable you to cover more ground with paint in a single shot.

If you keep losing, try attacking an enemy from a different angle. For example, you could try throwing Smallfry to distract an opponent or get to another area before attempting to eliminate an opponent.

Remember to use the R button to launch Smallfry or other Sub Weapons at boxes or other obstacles. Some Sub Weapons can also reach high places that your character cannot initially reach.

When it comes to vertical travel, you’re almost never stuck. Spray the side of a column or platform with paint, then dive into it to travel within the colored areas.

Utilize Squid Roll to gain an advantage over opponents. You can swiftly go backward by spinning into the air by quickly tapping the joystick in the opposite direction of motion. This can be useful for dodging strikes from adversaries and moving around them.


Also If you need to know all steps in a video, just check the following video (thanks to Youtuber Nintendo Life)


About Splatoon 3 Story Mode Tips & Tricks

The third installment in the Splatoon series is Splatoon 3. It is the sequel to Nintendo’s 2017 hit third-person shooter Splatoon 2, which was developed and published for the Nintendo Switch console.

It was released exclusively worldwide on September 9, 2022, just like its predecessor.

The game is set in the Splatlands, a sun-baked wasteland inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings.

The story takes place about a year and a half after the events of Splatfest, Chaos vs. Order, in Splatsville (also known as the “city of chaos”), which is located in the same desert region.

This new installment will take place outside of Cromopolis, in a new region known as Tintelia. It is far from Ink-opolis (Chromopolis), the main setting of the game.

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