How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3?

How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3

Last Updated on 20 September, 2022

How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3 – We explain how to perform one of the most useful moves in the game in a simple step-by-step guide.

In Splatoon 3, your main objective is to spread ink across the ground and cover it with your team’s color. There are other goals, including gaining points, splatting rivals, and more. In any case, you want to make sure that you are participating in the activity or playing the goal. Super Jumping around the map is an excellent technique to accomplish this. You might now be unsure of how to Super Jump in Splatoon 3.

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How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3?

Press X to open your map when respawning or at any other time during the game to execute a Super Jump. To swiftly switch between your teammates, use the D-pad; to choose one, use the left stick. Finally, press the A button. By pressing X and shutting the map, you can instead cancel the Super Jump.

Your character will assume the shape of a squid and get ready to jump. You will launch into the air after a little delay, landing where your ally was when you chose to Super Jump to them. This is quite beneficial for returning to action quickly or helping a teammate who requires support.

It’s important to keep in mind that Super Jumping requires time and signals the location of your landing. As a result, you are vulnerable to assault and risk getting splatted if you Super Jump too near to an adversary or into battle. Therefore, before confirming your Super Jump, be sure you are secure and landing in a secure area.

Video Guide

In case you have any doubts, we recommend you review this video tutorial of less than a minute of Monkey King Hero, in which you will see how to execute the super jump in a gameplay

When you respawn after being splattered by the opposing side, Super Jumps are excellent for getting back into the action. We really do not advise attempting to do this in the middle of a battle because you are stationary for a short while while you do it. Use it just to reach out to teammates when they are in need.

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