State of Survival Plasma Core guide

State of Survival Plasma Core

Last Updated on 26 September, 2022

State of Survival Plasma Core guide – How to get / farm free Plasma Cores, get Plasma Troops, the most OP units

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State of Survival Plasma Core guide – Plasma Level

Regular buildings Max Level = 30, but there are 5 buildings with 15 extra levels (3 Plasma Levels x 5 Sublevels each), the Headquarters, the Hero Precinct, the Barracks, the Range, and also the Garage.

The upgrading prerequisites are the same, to level up any of the buildings to a higher plasma level, you need to level up the Headquarters first. And to keep leveling up the headquarters you will need to level up the rest of the buildings, usually the Hero Precinct + Another building.

The main benefit of the new plasma levels are the Plasma Troops. Because when you increase one plasma level of the barracks, the range or the garage, all the units will increase +1 or +2 their stats (Attack, Defense, Health, Lethality…)

But there is a new resource / currency that you are going to need: Plasma Cores

State of Survival Plasma Core guide – Plasma Cores

If you want to max out the 5 buildings you are going to need a lot of Plasma Cores:

  • 1st Plasma Level: Requires 1,650 Plasma Cores
  • 2nd Plasma Level: Requires 1,980 Plasma Cores (3,630 Plasma Cores)
  • 3rd Plasma Level: Requires 2,970 Plasma Cores (6,600 Plasma Cores)

So the real question is:

How to get free Plasma Cores?

There is only one available method to farm free Plasma Cores: Intel Missions. You can also get some with the redeem codes

Once you have reached Headquarters 30 a new type of infected will be introduced in those missions that give one or two Plasma Cores, and you can get 12 to 16 Plasma Cores per Day (average = 14). So lets see how many days, months or years you need for each level:

  • 1st PL: 1,650 PC / 14 = 118 days (4 months)
  • 2nd PL: 3,630 PC / 14 = 259 days (8,5 months)
  • 3rd PL: 6,600 PC / 14 = 471 days (15,7 months)

So, Plasma Cores are really hard to farm, but the troops difference is too large. I mean, you can’t fight Plasma troops with non plasma troops. So if you really like the game, there is no alternative, you need to spend real money. Of course you don’t need to buy the 6,600 PC, you can buy some and farm the rest

State of Survival Plasma Core – How to use them?

Check this video from Mr Red and learn to use the plasma cores

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