Strange Brigade Trophy Guide

Strange Brigade Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 14 December, 2021

Strange Brigade Trophy Guide to unlock all the trophies, with video guides, locations and tips to unlock them all

Strange Brigade Trophy Guide – Full List

  • The Strangest of Brigades!: I Say!? You’ve only gone and collected all the other trophies!? Superbly done Strange Brigade!
  • Hooked on a Feline: Collect all the Cat Idols (Check Collectibles)
  • When is a door not a door?: Collect all the Canopic Jars (Check Collectibles)
  • To preserve the past is to save the future: Complete the Main Relic Collection (Check Collectibles)
  • Purloined Letters: Complete the Main Diary Collection (Check Collectibles)
  • 7 league boots: Travel for a little over 24 miles (Check Collectibles)
  • Master of the Armoury: Unlock all the weapons
  • Master of the Mystical: Unlock/Find every kind of Amulet and Gem
  • Nobody Likes a Show-Off: Chain 3 Amulet Attacks in a row
  • For King and Country: Banish Ammit and defeat Seteki without delivering the Coup de Grace
  • Smile, you Son of a B…: Shoot Seteki from Ammit’s Jaws
  • Not Out: Kill 501 Enemies (Unmissable)
  • Queensberry Rules, ok?: Flatten 100 enemies with a melee attack
  • Minted: Collect 10000 Gold from Chests
  • What have you got against pottery?: Destroy 100 pots
  • The Pharoah’s Curse: Die 50 times
  • It’s not theft if you put it in a museum: Find a Relic (Check Collectibles)
  • For Medicinal Purposes: Drink 6 health potions within a level without dying or restarting
  • This Is Becoming A Little Awkward: Exit a Sarcophagus 5 times without restarting (Online Co-op)
  • Hydra’s Teeth: Kill 100 skeletons (Unmissable)
  • The trick is not minding that it hurts: Spend a total of 20 minutes at the low health level
  • There’s no ‘I’ in Team…but there is a ‘me’: Complete a level with each of the first four Brigade members
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Savant: Solve every kind of puzzle door across the game
  • Capital shot!: Kill 3 enemies with a single shot
  • One Simply Doesn’t Rush These Things: Annoy the Narrator
  • These Are My Fighting Trousers: Melee kill 5 enemies in 30 seconds
  • Stiff Upper Lip: Kill 20 enemies while on low health (Grind)
  • Save Our Souls: Destroy a Soul Cage (Unmissable)
  • Wonderful Things: Open the Sarcophagus Room in Harbin’s Dig Site (Unmissable)
  • Bully For You!: Defeat The Champion in Hidden Valley (Unmissable)
  • The Mote out of thine eye: Complete the Beam Puzzle in Tunnels of Wadjet (Unmissable)
  • Get down, Shep!: Defeat the Guardian in The Towering Temple (Unmissable)
  • Dangers Untold: Solve the Maze and open the door in Cutthroat Caverns
  • Hammer of the Gods: Kill the Hammer Champion in Cursed Village (Unmissable)
  • A secret door to another world? Open the Hidden Relic Room in Forsaken City
  • Eye say!: Activate the Death Ray in the Great Pyramid level (Unmissable)
  • Back From the Mouth of Hell: Complete the First Round in Horde (Horde Mode)
  • Evasive Action: Get to Horde Wave 4 without taking any damage (Horde Mode)
  • Pay the Piper: Open a Gold Door in Horde (Horde Mode)
  • Everybody needs a hobby: Rescue a teammate from a sarcophagus 10 times (Online Co-op)
  • I’m stuck with a valuable friend: Collect double the Gold of each of your teammates (Online Co-op)
  • Now That’s Just Not Cricket: Kill a teammate with any kind of trap (Online Co-op)

DLC’s Trophies

  • Cat got your tongue? Collect the golden Cat Idol from the jungle
  • Pirates’ Plunder! Dig up all of the figures lost to the jungle
  • A smashing good time! Destroy all Canopic Jars hidden in the jungle
  • Well-Read! Find all of the Diaries in the jungle
  • By George, I think they’ve got it! Collect the first half of the Shield of Bes
  • The cat that got the cream…. Collect the Cat Idol from the cave
  • Treasures of the Earth! Unearth all of the figures lost to the cave
  • Conopic chaos complete! Destroy all Canopic Jars hidden in the cave
  • Knowledge is power! Find all of the Diaries in the cave
  • The heart of the mountain! Collect the second half of the shield of Bes
  • Combing the Cat-a-combs Collect the Cat Idol from beyond the Pyramids
  • Ancient Action-Figures! Find all of the figures lost in Egypt
  • Don’t go breaking my jar ! Destroy all Canopic Jars hidden at the Pyramid
  • …and read all over! Find all Diaries near the Pyramid
  • Is that the bes you can do?: Reassemble the Shield of Bes
  • And stay down! Defeat the evil that lurks in the Pyramid
  • Snap Decision: Enter photo mode
  • Portrait of an adventurer: Unhide the player and hide UI in a picture. Point camera at the player
  • Definition of courage: Complete the game on Extreme difficulty

Strange Brigade Trophy Guide – Collectibles

Check this playlist, by Maka91Productions, with all the collectibles (Jars, Relics, Journals & Cats) From Mission 1 to Mission 8

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