Street Fighter Duel New RPG for Mobile Devices – How to Pre-register

Street Fighter Duel New RPG for Mobile Devices

Last Updated on 3 February, 2023

Street Fighter Duel New RPG for Mobile Devices – How to Pre-register & all links. Game by A PLUS JAPAN Inc.

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How to Pre-register in Street Fighter Duel

Access the main page of Street Fighter Duel, and click on pre-register. Here you have the necessary links to be able to pre-register.

  • Official Web:
  • Direct Linkhere
  • Facebook:
  • GooglePlay:
  • Apple:

The Ultimate Fighting Experience with Street Fighter Duel New RPG for Mobile Devices

Fighting games have always been a favorite among players, and the Street Fighter franchise is one of the most well-known and loved among them. The news of a new installment of the series, Street Fighter: Duel, is sure to excite fans, especially because it will be the first RPG in the franchise, bringing the fighting experience to mobile devices. Fans can now pre-register for the game on both Google Play and the App Store, with the launch just around the corner in February.

Travel the World to Recruit and Level Up Your Favorite Street Fighter Characters in Street Fighter

Street Fighter: Duel brings an exciting new experience to players, allowing them to travel the world and recruit the most iconic characters in the series. The more than 40 characters that can be recruited will face off against Shadaloo’s mechanical clone army and Seth in a challenging story mode, ensuring hours of entertainment. Once the characters are recruited, players can select a team of three fighters to battle in spectacular 2D animated fights that take place in new and familiar settings.

Online Battles and Exclusive Skins in Street Fighter

Street Fighter: Duel is not just a single player experience, as it will also have an online component. Players can use their teams of champions in duels against other players from all over the world, and unlock exclusive skins to give their fighters a unique touch. Additionally, for those who prefer to sit back and watch the action, there is an option for automatic combat, allowing players to witness the outcome of the battles.

Ultimate fighting experience for mobile devices, bringing the iconic franchise to a new level with its RPG elements, recruitable characters, challenging story mode, and online battles. Fans can pre-register now and get ready to join the fight in February.

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