Streets of Rogue Super Special Abilities guide

Streets of Rogue Super Special Abilities

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

Streets of Rogue Super Special Abilities guide – All the Super Special Abilities, their required Quest, Characters and traits

How to Unlock Super Special Abilities?

Each character has a super special ability. To unlock it, first complete the quest that we indicate next to each character. And then use that same character with Super Special Abilities (Mutator) enabled

Streets of Rogue Super Special Abilities – Full List

These are all the Streets of Rogue Super Special Abilities

  • Alien – Quest: Homeward Bound – Super Special Ability: Mind Control – Traits:
    • Groupies – Bigger radius from Mind Control blast
    • Puppet Power – People under Mind Control cause more damage when attacking
    • Thick-Skinned Pawn – People under Mind Control take less damage
    • Power Walkers – People under Mind Control can walk through many walls and objects
  • Assassin – Quest: Silent But Deadly – Super Special Ability: Camouflage – Traits:
    • Slinky – Camouflage doesn’t end when bumping into people
    • Vicious Chameleon – Camouflage doesn’t end when attacking (including firing guns or throwing items)
  • Bartender – Quest: Quest with a Twist – Super Special Ability: Charismatic – Traits:
    • makes people Loyal to you instead of Friendly
  • Bouncer – Quest: Bodyguarding – Super Special Ability: Stomp – Traits:
    • Aftershocked – Stomp causes damage to other people
    • Good Vibrations – Bigger Stomp radius
    • Safe Stomp – Stomp causes you less harm
  • Cannibal – Quest: Acquired Tastes – Super Special Ability: Cannibalize – Traits:
    • Fast Food – Bodies are Cannibalized faster
    • Savorer – Receive more health from Cannibalizing
    • Table Manners – Cannibalize doesn’t bother nearby people, including law enforcement
  • Comedian – Quest: Last Comic Standing – Super Special Ability: Joke – Traits:
    • Eggshell Walker – Jokes never cause people to become Hostile
    • Feature Act – Jokes have a higher chance of success
  • Cop – Quest: Law Abiding Law Enforcer – Super Special Ability: Supercop – Traits:
    • Play as Supercop, no XP loss for arresting innocents.
  • Courier – Quest: Side Hustling – Super Special Ability: Roller Skates – Traits:
    • Faster Skates, more money and time for deliveries, more deliveries per level, packages don’t break when you take damage.
  • Demolitionist – Quest: Rubble Rouser – Super Special Ability: Remote Bombs – Traits:
    • Lower cost and bigger explosions from Remote Bombs
  • Doctor – Quest: Purveyor of Peace – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • No cooldown on Chloroform, free Tranquilizer Gun refills at the Ammo Dispenser.
  • Firefighter – Quest: Fire Watch – Super Special Ability: Water Cannon – Traits:
    • Riot Cannon – Water Cannon destroys bullets and does tons of knockback
  • Gangster (Crepe) – Quest: Turf War – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Gang members from both gangs will join your party
  • Gangster (Blahd) – Quest: Turf War – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Gang members from both gangs will join your party
  • Goon – Quest: Guard Duty – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Play as a Supergoon and gain +1 Endurance, +1 Speed, and +1 Firearms
  • Gorilla – Quest: Hairy Justice – Super Special Ability: Primal Lunge – Traits:
    • Impatient Lunge – Primal Lunge charges more quickly
  • Hacker – Quest: Hack the Planet – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Hacking does not cause people to become Hostile, hacking takes no time, most hackable objects can be blown up.
  • Investment Banker – Quest: Sobriety is for Suckers – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Feelin’ Alright makes you euphoric, giving you a bunch of positive status effects: Accurate, Fast, Killer Thrower (Status Effect), Resist Damage (Medium).
  • Jock – Quest: Harmless Pranks – Super Special Ability: Chaaarge – Traits:
    • Juggernaut – Can’t lose health while charging
    • Low Center of Gravity – Player doesn’t fall down when charging into walls
    • Sprinter – Charge faster
    • Tackler – Charge has a more powerful impact
  • Mech Pilot – Quest: Brute Force Progress – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Laser Cannon is more powerful and charges faster, oil restores more health.
  • Mobster – Quest: Sultan of Shakedowns – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • More money from shakedowns, increased threat chance.
  • Robot – Quest: Dark Fate – Super Special Ability: Power Sap – Traits:
    • Sappy-Healthy – Power Sap gives you more health from electronic devices
    • Sap Damage – Power Sap does more damage to people in its radius
  • Scientist – Quest: Ethical Experiments – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Research Gun causes negative status effects, starts with a bunch of fun consumables: 3 Critter Uppers, 3 Muscly Pulls, 3 Electro Pills, 3 Killer Thrower pills, 3 additional Giantizers, and 3 additional Rage Poison.
  • Shapeshifter – Quest: Seeds of Chaos – Super Special Ability: Possess – Traits:
    • Body-Swapper – Shorter cooldown after depossessing
    • No Harm in Dying – No health loss when your host body dies
    • Possessions are Peachy Keen – Possessing and Depossessing does not cause Hostility or Annoyance
  • Shopkeeper – Quest: The New Hotness – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Shrewd Negotiator is more effective, all other transactions cost less.
  • Slavemaster – Quest: Catch ‘Em All! – Super Special Ability: Enslave – Traits:
    • Benevolent Owner – Slaves don’t become mutinous
    • Destructive Deaths – Slave helmets cause a larger explosion
    • Legal Enslavement – Enslaving random people is now legal for you
  • Slum Dweller – Quest: Movin’ On Up – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Play as Upper-Cruster.
  • Soldier – Quest: Power Struggle – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Higher Accuracy, free refills at Ammo Dispenser and Loadout-O-Matic.
  • Thief – Quest: Undiscerning Looting – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Pickpocket without being noticed, start with Skeleton Key and Safe-Cracking Tool.
  • Vampire – Quest: Mythical Matchup – Super Special Ability: Bite – Traits:
    • Bite faster, gain more health from Bite, people don’t get Annoyed when you Bite others, Bite when your health is full.
  • Werewolf – Quest: Satiate that Bloodlust! – Super Special Ability: Werewolf Transformation – Traits: Werewolf effect lasts longer, lower cooldown, no dizziness, higher speed and damage as a Werewolf.
  • Wrestler – Quest: The Undefeated Champ – Super Special Ability: – Traits:
    • Greater damage from thrown objects, anyone can be challenged to a fight.
  • Zombie – Quest: Spread the Love – Super Special Ability: Zombie Phlegm – Traits:
    • All zombies (not just the player) are stronger and faster, Zombie Phlegm charges more quickly and costs no health.

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