Stronghold Crusader HD Cheats for PC

Stronghold Crusader HD Cheats

Last Updated on 17 November, 2021

Stronghold Crusader HD Cheats for PC – How tu use cheats, all the cheats explained, and also an OP glitch for buildings

Stronghold Crusader HD Cheats – How to enable cheats?

At main menu hold CTRL and type TRIBLADE2002, then use any of the cheats we are going to provide you. If TRIBLADE2002 doesn’t work try with SHIFT + ALT + A

Stronghold Crusader HD Cheats – Full List

These are all the cheats (always ATL + a key)

  • ALT + C > Unlocks all missions (Historical Campaigns only, use at main menu) or Cycle characters
  • ALT + K > All buildings become free (hold the ALT and just tap the K, if you hold the cheat can unlock and lock) or destroy enemy fortress
  • ALT + Q > Take screenshot (works without typing the code on main menu).
  • ALT + X > Increases popularity by 100 and also money by 1000.

Classic version (non HD) bonus cheats:

They do not work for us, but we would be surprised if there is no way to use them, since they were in the original version (not HD) of the game

  • ALT + G > Destroy main stronghold
  • ALT + D > Engage debug mode
  • ALT + P > Increase character’s level
  • ALT + F > Upgrades and purchases become free
  • ALT + S > Time shift
  • ALT + Y > All enemies on screen turn into butt sauce (get rid of all enemies on the screen)
  • ALT + Z > will destroy any enemy you select

If TRIBLADE2002 stops working for you, the previous method was SHIFT + ALT + A

Building Resource Output Cheat

It’s more of a glitch than a cheat, so it might stop working at some point

Requires: Peasants available

  1. Click a Building
  2. Pause the game
  3. Click the Halt Production button and press it again
  4. Unpause the game

Old workers will still be working in the building, but new ones will come to help. So while it works you will see that it is very useful

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