Summertime Saga Mia – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Mia

Last Updated on 22 August, 2022

Welcome to Summertime Saga Mia – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Mia – Requirements

  • Strength 2 and also Charisma 7
  • At least $1,670
  • And also a library subscription

Summertime Saga Mia – Walkthrough

Tattoo – Mia’s route

  • Finish the first homework of Ms Bissette’s – French Dictionary
  • Next day go to the science class in the morning and talk to Mia, in the evening go to her house, and answer “Yes” when she asks you if you also like her
  • Next day, in the afternoon, meet her parents at her house. Come back in the evening and talk to her mother
  • The day after go to the science class, from there go to the police station, ask Earl and Yumi about Mia’s father favourite donuts, buy them at Glazie’s, and go back to the police station to offer Harold the donuts
  • Next day meet Mia at the science class, and in the evening go to her room.
  • Next day go to the art class, interact with the easel and choose the purple butterfly, Visit Mia in the evening and show her
  • Wait untill saturday morning and meet Mia at Sugar tats, help her with the tatoo
  • The next monday meet Mia at school and accept her invitation
  • When you receive a message from mia, read it and go to her house. Take the key (Helen’s room > Statue), open the left door on the second floor, and release her.
  • After 4 days go to Mia’s house and talk to her, go upstairs and talk to Helen

Sister Angelica – Mia’s route

  • Saturday morning go to the church, open the upper door and take the priest’s chasuble from his bedroom. Go downstairs, to the confessional and convince Helen. Put the chasuble back, and in the afternoon meet Mia at her house.
  • After 3 days, read the message from Mia, and in the afternoon go visit her. Go to the police station and talk to Harold’s colleagues, but also check the photo frame on his desk. Go to Raven Hill, talk to Harold and go back with Mia to inform her.
  • After 3 days Sister Angelica visits you, so in the evening go to the church. Next afternoon convince Helen and in the evening go with her to the church
  • The Next Day meet Mia at school, you have to give te sunglasses to Harold, who asks you to go to the basement.
  • Next day, in the afternoon, go to Helen’s bedroom. From there, go to Pink and buy her the red corset.
  • The next day Sister Angelica visits you again. Buy the Whip at Pink and give it to her in the evening
  • Next day, in the afternoon go to Mia’s house and talk to Helen, to Mia and to Harold. The thief’s bag is in the park, behind a tree, but make sure to grab the golden key also.
  • Sister Angelica visits you again next day, now you have to buy the strap on at Pink. When you have it, go to the church, but first talk with Harold. From here, there are different endings depending on your choices

Summertime Saga Mia – Endings

Mia’s Ending

  • Watch what Angelica does to Helen
  • Next day visit Mia at her house, and in the evening go to Mia’s bethroom to have your scene

Helen’s Ending

Here you can check Helen‘s route and ending

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