Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide + Tips

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide

Last Updated on 25 November, 2022

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide+Tips – All the basic information needed to start playing, stay tuned…

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Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide – Summoners

These are all Summoers in Summoners War Chronicles

Guard – Summoner of Guard: Taking command of the front line, he uses his shield and mace to defend his friends.

Magic – Summoner of Magic: Uses her staff to summon magic, and she is skilled at using offensive magic to defeat her adversaries.

Healing – Summoner of Healing: She wields a hammer in combat while bestowing healing spells and bonuses to her teammates.

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide – Battling

You can choose up to three monster allies for your team as you fight alongside them.

To cast spells, use your skills, and switch between different monsters to make use of their special abilities. As you fight, pay attention to the rectangle and lines because they show where your skills will be projected to land.

To navigate the battle system in Summoner Wars: Chronicles, you’ll need to control your cooldowns, elemental weapons, enemies, and dodging mechanics.

By tapping on the twin swords icon next to your talents, you can activate auto-battle and give AI control over your entire squad. By touching on the icon, you may turn this off (again).

Link with a monster

You can use soul connection to access your monster’s skills. You can manually cast any talent that your monster possesses as long as you have the necessary magic and cooldowns. While on the field, tap the monster to switch to it; the other monsters are AI-controlled. You must commit to one active monster at a time because switching between them requires a cooldown.

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide – Misc

Auto-mode + Exploring

After the tutorial, once you’ve taken control of your character, you can turn on autoplay. In essence, you can have your character automatically move from task to task; this is useful when attempting to finish a number of short missions before moving on to new chapters.


How to enable and disable autiplay in Summoners War Chronicles: By tapping on the quest, you can enable autoplay; by moving your character manually, you can turn it off.


Before starting these dungeons, we advise making sure you understand the fundamentals of battle and feel confident maneuvering your character around the map because you cannot run through dungeons on your first visit.


  • Unfortunately, as you move along, there are more alerts on your menus.
  • Fortunately, there is a setting in-game that can assist you control the alerts you get.
  • To open your main menu, tap the icon with a double-two square.
  • To see your selections, tap the gear.
  • Your in-game and app notifications can be toggled on or off by scrolling down to Alert.

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide – Monsters

Powerful Monsters in your party

Making careful decisions about which monsters to choose for your squad and which ones merit the greatest investment during the early stages of your account is required when learning the path of the summoner. Therefore, we describe how to set up your squad, what classifications and types are accessible, and how to recruit monsters.

Additional monsters

By going to the Summon Altar, you can summon monsters. The gacha system is the Summon Altar. Use Mystical Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, and Unknown Scrolls to pull one or ten times by tapping on a banner. We advise saving up and committing to a single banner because scrolls are the rare gacha currency and there aren’t many places to find them replenished.

Using monster parts, you can summon monsters as well. The pieces must first be obtained by pulling on other gacha banners or through other in-game methods (rewards), and keep in mind that these pieces are also upgrade components.

The variations in Monster Types and Classifications

Your monster buddies have classes and are categorized into kinds like most excellent Android RPGs. The categories and how they relate to the rock-paper-scissors mechanism are described below.

  • Fire opposes wind.
  • Wind opposes water.
  • Water puts out flames.

The winning attribute obtains a 20 percent damage bonus and a 10 percent increase in critical strike rate; countered characteristics suffer a penalty of 10 percent damage, 10 percent critical strike rate, 15 percent precision, and 25 percent accuracy loss.

Classifications of monster

Your creatures are further divided into Mage, Archer, and Assassin types.

You will come across monsters with helpful talents (like Fairy) and others who prefer dominating the front line (like Yeti) with aggressive damage. These skills assist enforce the responsibilities of the monsters.

How to modify your team

There are only three monster slots available, but you can change them by going to the main menu.

  1. On the square with two doubles, tap.
  2. Click Monster.
  3. Click Composition. Tap on any monster from your list to fill a slot after selecting a filled slot to delete the monster.
  4. Once the adjustments are made, close the menu.

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide – Upgrading

Summoner & Monsters

You must invest resources to level up your abilities and monsters if you want to keep a formidable team. We firmly advise concentrating on your summoner’s abilities. All team combinations start with a summoner, and in the early stages of the game, your monsters are interchangeable.

Open the main menu and select Skills > Enhance Skills to improve your summoner’s abilities. To increase your PWR, you can also upgrade your weapons and learn new skills. PWR is comparable to a skill rating or combat score in that your strength increases with the number.

Like your summoner, monsters can also have their talents improved. But until you have higher-tier (4 and 5-star) monsters, we advise delaying leveling up your monsters. In time, you’ll awaken and evolve monsters to increase their PWR rating. Your summoner’s score and the monster’s PWR are combined to create the PWR.

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide – Take a break

An autoplay mode is a welcome addition because it can get tedious at times to play the game in between story acts.

You can play the game manually whenever you’re ready, so don’t burn yourself out on pointless adventures to acquire resources and monster levels. If you decide this game isn’t for you, even if this choice could be unsettling when playing with other players, you might also want to take a look at other fantastic MMORPGs for Android.

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