Summoners War Chronicles Quiz Answers

Summoners War Chronicles Quiz Answers

Last Updated on 25 November, 2022

Summoners War Chronicles Quiz Answers – SWQ Special Pre-Event – The correct answers with which to claim the Correct Answer Gift

You must watch a cinematic, follow the game’s YouTube channel, and complete a bonus quiz based on the video cinematic in order to participate in the Summoners War Chronicles Special Pre-Event. You will receive some mystical scrolls for doing these activities. The quiz consists of two questions, and you must select the right answers to both at once to receive your reward.

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Summoners War Chronicles Quiz Answers

There are only two questions, and these are the correct answers. You must guess both quizzes correctly to claim the Correct Answer Gift

1st Question: What was opened during the great battle of Athtar and Tefo that possesses a formidable power that sucks up everything?
1st Answer: Rift of Worlds

2nd Question: Which monster impaled a sword between Ahtar and Tefo that made a decisive impact on the battle?
2nd Answer: Dark Valkyrja

You must answer both correctly, and by doing so you will receive a few Mystical scrolls as a reward.

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