SurrounDead Map and Locations (2023)

SurrounDead Map and Locations

Last Updated on 9 April, 2023

SurrounDead Map and Locations – High resolution map with all points of interest: Settlements, Bunker, Keycard, Vehicle, Gun Cage, Ice Cream and Police Blockades. And also where to find the most important items: sledgehammer, axe, vehicles, Vehicle Repairing Kits, Fuel..

SurrounDead Map and Locations – Map

This is a first enlarged and high resolution map without marked locations, just so you can locate yourself and even if you want to mark it yourself

This is a second map, also enlarged and in high resolution, with the main locations marked, all the Bunker, Keycard, Vehicle, Gun Cage, Ice Cream and Police Blockades come

Keep in mind that there are many areas that are still in development, so in future updates of the game the number of points of interest will be expanded. For our part, we will update the map when that happens.

SurrounDead Map and Locations – Locations

We explain where to find certain things that will come in handy in your first steps, such as the sledgehammer, the axe, vehicles, Vehicle Repairing Kits and Fuel

Sledgehammer Location

You can find the sledgehammer in industrial regions where it is used to collect scrap. This applies to bunkers and residences built in the woods. Keep in mind that they may not always be present where you are. Relogging will temporarily fix the problem.

Axe Location

The Axe can be found in many places, but the greatest places to find them are in petrol stations and other industrial areas where they hang on the wall.

Vehicle Locations

Simply travel the globe and look for automobiles; you’ll eventually locate them. Check the map I’ve used in this article, though, to make it a little easier.

Vehicle Repairing Kits and Fuel Locations

In locations like these, you can buy and sell craftable and random treasure as well as fuel and repair kits. But bear in mind that occasionally it won’t be, so you’ll need to return at a later date. (relog)

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