Taffy Tales Cheat Code

Taffy Tales Cheat Code

Last Updated on 17 October, 2020

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – There are two cheat codes, one to max Stats & Money and other to Save Unlock, also some tips to earn money and find items

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Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Max Stats & Money

The Cheat Code to Max Stats & Money is only available when you start a new game. So to use it, launch the game, select New Game and one in the window where you can change the MC game (before start playing) you will see that below you can enter the Cheat Code.

Cheat Code to Max Stats & Money ( case sensitive) = qcjvhfli

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Save Unlock

With the Save unlock Cheat Code you will start right at the new update. So to use it, launch the game, select Load Game and click on the padlock (Press to Unlock) and enter the cheat code. You also have to enter the names for MC, Mary & Tiffany, but you don’t need help for that

Cheat Code to Start right at the new update ( case sensitive) = gnkdoxbe

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Make Money

If you don’t want to use the cheat code, making money is not really hard. All you have to do is progress through the story until you unlock the special container, wich allows you to make money whenever you want in mens toilet. Once there the minigame is very easy, just hit the green & yellow bars.

You will unlock the special container on day 9 night. And you can start making money from day 10. If you don’t want to miss anything use our step by step walkthrough (Link at the beginning of this guide)

How to find Items or Locations that you need?

There are tons if items and locations required to progress, like the Ruler, Tiffany Ball, the School Closet, the rope, the camera…But there are no cheats for them. You need to unlock certain scenes and dialogues or you have to go to certain locations to unlock most of the key items.

So if you cant find something, use our walktrhough (Link at the beginning of this guide). Use CTRL + F to find the item you need in the text, and get the location. If you can’t find it once playing is because you need a previous step. And if you can’t find the previous step we recommend you to start a new game using the walkthrough since the beginning

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