Terra Invicta How to get Resources Guide

Terra Invicta How to get Resources

Last Updated on 30 November, 2022

Terra Invicta How to get Resources Guide – Money, Influence, Ops, Boost, and also Water, Volatiles, Base Metals, Noble Metals and Fissiles

Terra Invicta How to get Resources Guide – Main Resources

There are x4 Main Resources Money, Influence, Ops and Boost:

  • Money – can be gained via councilors, or from nations via the Funding or Spoils priorities: Has a variety of uses, such as building stuff to put into space and buying orgs (organizations, or “orgs,” are your councilors’ “gear”)
  • Influence – is gained for your share of global Public Support, as well as via councillors: Used to bring nations to your banner, acquire certain types of orgs, and turn enemy councilors to your cause
  • Ops – is gained mainly via councilors (and more specifically, relevant Orgs assigned to councilors): Used to conduct small-scale tactical operations
  • Boost – is gained via certain Orgs assigned to councilors, or from nations with space launch infrastructure: Used to move stuff from Earth’s surface to Low Earth Orbit and beyond. This is the major bottleneck to getting your space industry started

Secondary Resources

  • Mission Control – Requires councilors, habs and by nations you control: Earth-based (initially) command and control centers that are required to manage operations of your fleets and habs
  • Research – Requires councilors, habs and by nations you control: How much your faction contributes to (public) science and (private) engineering efforts
  • Projects: How many individual engineering projects your faction can manage at once

Terra Invicta How to get Resources Guide – Components

Prospecting with a single probe will reveal the resource outputs of all the potential outpost sites on a space body. There are x5 Main Components, Water, Volatiles, Base Metals, Noble Metals and Fissiles:

  • Water – Obtained from sites with Blue Droplets: Used in life support and propellant.
  • Volatiles – Obtained from sites withred flame: Reactive materals like Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur. Used in life support and some advanced types of carbon-based armor.
  • Base Metals – Obtained from sites withlight blue pile of bricks: Base and relatively abundant metals such as iron, nickel, lead and copper. Used in manufacturing.
  • Noble Metals – Obtained from sites withyellow pile of bricks: Valuable and uncommon metals such as platinum and gold. Can be sold on Earth and used in specialized manufacturing. For you chemists, we’re using a fairly loose definition here that includes stuff classified as noble, precious and refractory metals.
  • Fissiles – Obtained from sites with green radioactivity symbol: Used in nuclear drives and nuclear weapons.

How to get Councilors?

Go to the Council Panel and consider recruiting a third councilor by clicking ‘Recruit’ on one of the open spots or at the bottom of the Council Panel. Recruiting new councilors costs either 30 or 60 Influence. Because we only have 50 to begin with, we will only be able to fill one of the two open positions.

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