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Last Updated on 21 February, 2023

Terra Invicta Cheats & Console Commands – Infinite Money, Max Stats, Change Traits and other super useful and easy to use cheats

There are no console commands or codes that you can enter anywhere, but there are editable files through which you can get infinite money, maximum statistics, change traits, and much more, so we explain

Terra Invicta Cheats & Console Commands – Files to Edit

We explain how to edit two different files, in the first you can edit everything related to the money (initial amount and income) of a faction. And in the second all the variables (Stats, Traits…) of your Councilor

Edit the Faction Template – For Infinite Money Cheat

Edit this file to get more initial money, or increase your annual income

  1. Open this file with a text editor like notepad: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terra Invicta\TerraInvicta_Data\StreamingAssets\Templates\TIFactionTemplate.json.
  2. Find the faction you want to play and and start editing all the values ​​you want, for example, for money, edit the “startingResources” that you will find under “baseAnnualIncomes”, or directly modify the “baseAnnualIncomes” if the initial amount does not matter to you

Edit the Save File – For Max Stats and Change Trait Cheats

Edit this file to maximize stats or change the traits of your councilors

  1. Open the save file with a text editor like notepad: C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\TerraInvicta\Saves
  2. From here, for example to modify the stats of your councilors
    1. Find the name of your Councilor: If you don’t know it, look for it in the TICouncilorTemplate.json file
    2. Max Skills: Edit the values  of his skills (Max 25 for each skill)
    3. Change Traits: Keep in mind that the filenames don’t always match the ones in the game, so you may misspell them and have to undo your changes. The safest way is to copy the trait from another save file that you already know works

Leave us a comment with any questions you have about how to modify the files, and we will try to help you. If you discover something interesting by editing variables, we will be very grateful if you share it with us in the comments.

Terra Invicta Cheats & Console Commands – Tips and Tricks

Finally, we leave you with some tips and tricks from YouTuber Daphyre. We recommend that you pay special attention to the Boosts section, which starts at minute 07:14

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  1. Not very skilled in doing this but the files is compressed. I unpack with Winrar and then open in notebook. After editing I tried to save both compressed through Winrar and in uncompressed form but the game crash either way. What to do?

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