Terraria Heliophobia Achievement Guide

Terraria Heliophobia Achievement

Last Updated on 29 March, 2023

Terraria Heliophobia Achievement Guide – Trick a gnome into turning into stone! And farm garden gnomes for luck

Terraria Heliophobia Achievement Guide

According to Terraria’s description, to get the achievement we have to trick a gnome into turning into stone!

Although it seems complicated, it is very simple, as you will see below:


  1. Make sure the sun is shining and it’s daytime
  2. Find a Gnome: Go to the Living Tree biome and locate a tunnel near one of the big trees. The Gnomes are usually there and you just have to wait for them to appear
  3. Guide a Gnome to the Surface: They are underground, and to get the achievement you have to bring them to the surface. To attract them you just have to stand close, they are very aggressive and will try to attack you without realizing that when they come to the surface they will turn to stone.
    • Tip: We recommend you make a hole in the tunnel wall and attract them from there

What do you unlock?

As soon as you have turned the first gnome to stone you will unlock The “Heliophobia” achievement. But whether you want to unlock the achievement or not, you are interested in turning gnomes into stone:

Every Garden Gnome formed from a Gnome turning into stone will grant the player a 0.2 increase in Luck if the tiny statue is on the ground nearby

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