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Terraria Cheats commands chat server

Last Updated on 29 March, 2023

Welcome to our Terraria Cheats guide, where you can check all the Chat (Tag & Commands) & Server commands available for PC

Terraria Cheats – Chat Commands & Tags

Chat Commands

  • /me action – sends a message as a third-person action. For example: * George sneezes.
  • /p message –a message, but only for party members
  • /players or also /playing – display the players in the server
  • /roll – gives integer, but the amount is random (1 to 100)

Chat Tag

  • color or also c – changes text colours, uses RGB values as a hexadecimal number.
  • item or also i – displays an item
  • name or also n – displays the player’s name
  • a – shows an achievement
  • glyph or g – displays a controller button

Terraria Cheats – Server Commands

  • help – Displays a list of all the available server commands.
  • playing – same as /playing chat command, Displays the list of players
  • clear – To clear the console window
  • exit – exits server after saving
  • exit-nosave – exits server without saving
  • save – Saves the game
  • kick <player></player>
  • ban <player></player>
  • password – To see the plassword
  • settle – Settle all water
  • password <pass></pass> – To change the password.
  • time – to see the game time.
  • say <words></words> – a global message for all the players in the server in yellow
  • motd – Print MOTD.
  • motd <words></words> – To change MOTD.
  • dawn – Changes the time to dawn 04:30 or 04:30 am.
  • noon – Changes the time to noon 12:00 or 12:00 pm.
  • dusk – Changes the time to dusk 19:30 or 07:30 pm.
  • midnight – Changes the time to midnight 00:00 or 12:00 am.

Command line parameters

You can only use them when running TerrariaServer initially:

  • -config <config file=””></config> – if you want to use an specific config file or .cfg
  • -port <port number=””></port> – if you want to use an specific port to listen on.
  • -players <number> / -maxplayers <number></number></number> – To set the max players number.
  • -pass <password> / -password <password></password></password> – To set the server password.
  • -motd <text></text> – To set the server motto of the day text.
  • -world <world file=””></world> – To Load a world
  • -worldname <world name=””></world> – To change the name of the world
  • -secure – To Add cheat protection
  • -steam – To Enable Steam support.
  • -lobby <friends> or <private> </private></friends> – You can set the server public or also private

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