The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark

Last Updated on 9 November, 2021

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Step by step guide to complete all the available chapters in the game, with all the locations, secrets and combinations

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Case 1 Missing, Presumed Darkside

  1. TV Studio > Go right
  2. TV Station Hallway > Mystic Lady > Star star (bin) > Dressing Room
  3. Dressing Room > Crystal (get Mellite & Didgeridoo) > Look Fan Posters > Psychic > Try to take the Key & Leave room
  4. TV Station Hallway > Go right
  5. TV Station Reception > DELIVERY BOX (open it with Star star & get GLASS BOWLS)
  6. Go outside > TV Station Parking Lot > Give GLASS BOWLS to kids > get Bag of nuts
  7. Inside > TV Station Reception > Go left
  8. TV Station Hallway > dressing Room > LOCKBOX KEY
  9. TV Station Hallway > Go left > TV Studio > Combine DIDGERIDOO + BAG OF NUTS, and get NUT CANNON > NUT CANNON on Squirrel
  10. Go through the door > TV Station Storage Room > Open Lockbox with LOCKBOX KEY, get GO BAG
  11. Parking lot > TV Station Parking Lot > Give GO BAG to Psychic
  12. Switchboard Building Exterior > CRIME SCENE TAPE (car) > use it on entrance
  13. Enter building > Switchboard Building Interior > Examine Switchboard > upstairs > Switchboard Building Roof > Search toolbox, get SKETCHY ADDRESS
  14. Outside > construction worker office > Tyrese, get MANIFEST > Combine SKETCHY ADDRESS + MANIFEST > drive off (car)
  15. Auction House Exterior > Examine stall, get STALE PIZZA
  16. Auction House Showroom > Faberge Acorn (bin) > drive off
  17. Pier 13 > Give MELLITE to bear, get ROBOTIC BIRDS > Examine SOVIET TECH, get VHS > curtain
  18. Black Market > Look at Transceiver > Wang: I need that transceiver > drive off

Case 1 Missing, Presumed Darkside 2nd part

  1. Junkyard > Take OLD TUBE OF SOLVENT > Go right > Machinery > Throw STALE PIZZA on crusher/conveyor > Go left > Junkyard > broken console, get BROKEN JOYCHILD > drive off
  2. Pier 13 > Give BROKEN JOYCHILD™ to Mark, get FIXED JOYCHILD™ > Black Market > right
  3. Alleyway > Give the FIXED JOYCHILD™ to Man (Big Coat) > vent
  4. Cookie Bakery > Take SEA HAG COOKIES (box) > Leave & go left
  5. Cookie Shop Exterior > Give SEA HAG COOKIES to Man With Tiny Hammer, get AUCTION GAVEL > drive off
  6. TV Station > dressing Room > Use make up on the ROBOTIC BIRDS, get PAINTED BIRDS > drive off
  7. Pier 13 > Cookie Bakery > Switch PAINTED BIRDS with real ones
  8. Black Market > Wang: I did the thing, get TRANSCEIVER > drive off
  9. Auction House > right > Bidding Room > Show AUCTION GAVEL to guard > through door > Backstage > Take SOVIET MANUAL &d LOOM > drive off
  10. TV Statiion Reception > Give VHS to receptionist > parking lot > hallway > left door
  11. Edititing Room > Use OLD TUBE OF SOLVENT on the FAKE FABERGE ACORN, get REAL FABERGE ACORN > Give REAL FABERGE ACORN to Marv > Look tape > drive off
  12. Pier 13 > Talk to Mark, get SOVIET TECH > Drive off
  13. Junkyard > right > Machinery > Interact with door > Office > Get TANGLED WIRES > Take art (fridge), get GREMLIN ART > drive off
  14. Switchboard Building Exterior > construction worker office > Use mug of tea on GREMLIN ART, get REPLACEMENT PAGES > drive off
  15. Auction House > Bidding Room > Use REPLACEMENT PAGES on podium, get PHONEBOOK PAGES > drive off
  16. Switchboard Building Interior > Use TRANSCEIVER and PHONEBOOK PAGES on Switchboard > Combine TANGLED WIRES + LOOM: Yellow (uppermost left) one up, blue (bottom left) down, yellow all the way up, green(second from bottom) down, red (second from top) up > Get UNTANGLED WIRES > use it on Switchboard & Use Switchboard > Set the wires last shape > hit dial & Get DOOLEY’S CLUES > drive off
  17. Apartment Interior > Take GYM BAG, search the coat to get CHALK, take CANDLES > Use DOOLEY’S clues on Conspiracy Board > Unselect (turn grey) all locations besides Laundromat > click the green circular button
  18. Apartment Roof > Use CANDLES, CHALK, and GYM BAG on the raised block

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Missable Achievements

  • An Eye For Detail – When you first get to the switch station, go to the roof before roping it off with police tape. You’ll see a ghost and get an achievement.
  • Wisdom Seeker – Click on the cookie jar and the mechanical clairvoyant a bunch of times, until you’ve gotten all of their different lines of advice. 10-15 times each should be plenty.

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Case 2 Twilight Years

  1. Parking Lot > inside >Reception > Nanny’s Room (West) > Reception > Talk to Receptionist (all Choices) > Bins > Pick up box, get MEDICAL STICKERS > Climb Ladder
  2. Roof > Grab BROOM > Talk to Fair Maiden
  3. Kitchen > Grab  POTS AND PANS > Take SCISSORS
  4. Courtyard > left > shed > Take HAMMER > Go right (fountain) > Use BROOM on  burning mannequin > Put POTS AND PANS on mannequin > Hammer POTS AND PANS > Take the armour & get MAKESHIFT ARMOUR > Grab fountain topping, get BROKEN FOUNTAIN ORNAMENT
  5. Laundry > Grab TEDDYBEAR > Reception > Use SCISSORS on stack of magazines, get MAGAZINE CLIPPINGS
  6. Rec Room >Give BROKEN FOUNTAIN ORNAMENT to Pastor Farrelly, get SUPER SOAKER
  7. Dining Room > Use SUPER SOAKER on either old person > Take balloons, get WATER BALLOONS
  8. Nurse’s Station > Combine MEDICAL STICKERS + MAGAZINE CLIPPINGS, get DOCTORED (HAHA!) CLIPPINGS > give them to nurse > Take DICTAPHONE > Use WATER BALLOONS on vat of denture gum, get GUM BALLOONS
  9. Parking Lot > Throw GUM BALLOONS at squad car, Grab discarded banner, get BANNER
  10. Roof > Give MAKESHIFT ARMOUR to Fair Maiden

Case 2 Twilight Years 2nd part

  1. Dining Room > Press switch > Put DICTAPHONE in TEDDYBEAR, get POSSESSED TEDDY > Combine POSSESSED TEDDY  BANNER, get POSSESSED TEDDY WITH ROPE ATTACHMENT > Put it on fan > Press switch
  2. Rec Room > Storage > Take PAPER & SELF-ASSEMBLY TABLE
  3. Nanny’s Room > Get CUPS OF TEA, SANDWICHES, & CREDIT CARD from shelf > Open closet > Grab knitting needles & twine, get KNITTING NEEDLES > Talk to Upsidedown Man In Closet (all choices) > Leave
  4. Burning Fountain > CREDIT CARD on lit-up door, Take RED SHIRT
  5. Laundry > Place PAPER in gap under door > KNITTING NEEDLES on closet, get CLOSET KEY and use it on closet > Grab GARLIC & photo, get CLASS PHOTO > Search dresser, get SMELLY KEYS
  6. Bins > Use SMELLY KEYS on bins > 3rd bin, get FILM PREVIEWS
  7. Nanny’s Room > Combine CLASS PHOTO + FILM PREVIEWS, get EVIDENCE > Show it to Upsidedown Man In Closet > Leave & right
  8. Staff Room > Take keys, get HEX KEY > Search toolbox, get SCREWDRIVER > Take animal throw, get WHITE THROW
  9. Laundry > RED SHIRT & WHITE THROW in washing machine > Use the washing machine, get DYED THROW
  10. Rec Room > SCREWDRIVER on lights, get DISCO LIGHTS
  11. Roof > DISCO LIGHTS on lightning rod

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Missable Achievements

  • Busy Body – Click on all of the items on Nanny Dooley’s shelves
  • Resource Hogs – Get a lot of cups of tea / sandwiches by entering and exiting Nanny Dooley’s room over and over. Triggered for me at 22 of each (11 entries to the room). Others are reporting as many as 30 of each to get the achievement

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Case 3 Druid’s Delight

  1. Docks > boat > Take picture, get PICTURE FRAME > Enter caravan > harbourmaster, get SPIRITS > Leave caravan & Go right
  2. Pub Interior > Give SPIRITS to bartender, get A PINT
  3. Go back & Give A PINT to harbourmaster > Try using the phone > Go behind caravan > Examine generator > main Docks screen >Talk to boatman
  4. Pub Interior > Take bowl of chips, get GREASY GREASE PAPER
  5. Docks > Combine SPIRITS + GREASY GREASE PAPER, get UNGUENT and BOTTLECAP > Give UNGUENT to boatman, get BIODIESEL
  6. Behind the caravan > Put BIODIESEL in the generator > Enter &
    Use phone
  7. Pub Interior > Combine AMERICAN DOLLARS + PICTURE FRAME, get FRAMED MONEY > Give it to bartender, get ONE IRISH PUNT
  8. Pub Exterior > Give ONE IRISH PUNT to taxi
  9. Enter castle > Go right x2 > Grove Interior > Talk to Officer Dooley, get PIECE OF ROBE > Talk to Archdruid: I eh, I need to borrow your stick, I think…”, get SHILLELAGH > Talk to teenage girl, get POITIN > Combine SHILLELAGH + PIECE OF ROBE, get TORCH, UNLIT > Examine limestone rocks, get FLINT > Combine FLINT + BOTTLECAP, get TINDER KIT > Use it on TORCH, UNLIT, get TORCH, LIT
  10. Grove Exterior > Talk to druid wielding knife, get KNIFE > left > Icehouse Exterior > Touch loose rock base, get ROCK > Right > Castle gate > Talk to butler: where could I find a key to the greenhouse?
    Go left
  11. Greenhouse > Throw ROCK at apples, get APPLES > right > Castle Gate > Cut APPLES with KNIFE, get APPLE SLICES > give them to butler, get GREENHOUSE KEY > right
  12. Use GREENHOUSE KEY on greenhouse door > Look at soil thermometer, get SOIL THERMOMETER > Examine herbs, get STANKY HERBS
  13. Icehouse Exterior > Use SOIL THERMOMETER on gate > enter > Pick up strange Os, get THREE PUNCTUATED CIRCLES > Grove Interior > Show THREE PUNCTUATED CIRCLES to Archdruid > Leave & Go right
  14. Castle Gate > front door > Lobby > upstairs > Landing > Landing Bedroom > ensuite < Combine TORCH, LIT and STANKY HERBS, get BURNING HERBS > Use them on vent

Case 3 Druid’s Delight 2nd part

  1. Landing > Open attic door with the string > Climb ladder > Attic > Dollhouse > Take HURL > windup doll, get WINDUP KEY
  2. Castle Lobby > WINDUP KEY on grandfather clock, get COGS > downstairs > Kitchen > right
  3. Larder >Take COOKING LARD > Use COGS on dumb waiter > Enter dumb waiter
  4. Dining Room > Take VINEGAR > Look at portrait & leftmost statue
  5. Dining/Drawing Room Hallway > Look at portrait > Dining Room > Look at middle statue > Dining/Drawing Room Hallway > drawing room > Look at portrait > Dining Room > Look at rightmost statue
  6. Castle Lobby > Look at portrait > Dining Room > Look at statue 2nd from right > Landing > Look at portrait > Dining Room > Look at statue 2nd from left, get ROLLING PIN and SUNSTONE
    Leave room
  7. Grove Interior > Show SUNSTONE to Archdruid > Landing Bedroom > Use VINEGAR on painting, get HANDLE
  8. Icehouse < Combine ROLLING PIN + HANDLE, get CRANK
    Place it in the well, get BUCKET OF WATER
  9. Drawing Room > Put out the fire with BUCKET OF WATER, get EMPTY BUCKET > Look at the fireplace
  10. Greenhouse Exterior < coal in the EMPTY BUCKET, get BUCKET OF COAL > Drawing Room > Climb secret ladder
  11. Secret Room > Put BUCKET OF COAL in coal furnace > Use TORCH, LIT on coal furnace > Put SUNSTONE on rocket > Press button on control panel
  12. Icehouse Exterior > Hit the well with the HURL, get CRANK
  13. Attic > Climb ladder > Roof > COOKING LARD on rusty old doors > Place CRANK in hole in the wall

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Missable Achievements

  • Teach An Old Dog New Tricks – Give the apple to the dog. I did it before slicing, but it may also work after slicing.
  • Well, Well, Well – After triggering the launch sequence, go to the well. It will have smoke coming up out of it. Click on the Loose Rock Base and click through the dialogue.

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Case 4 Fundair Dismissal

  1. Carnival Entrance Exterior > Take JUMP LEADS from squad car > Enter > left > Cans Game > Talk to  game man, get THROWING BALL > Give THROWING BALL to Dooley, get ROBOT TOY > Talk to Norman: one hotdog, please”, get HOTDOG >  left
  2. Animals/Clown Court > Talk to Tam, get KNIFE > enter court > Talk to clown judge > Duck Game > Take HOOK > Combine HOOK + HOTDOG, get BAITED HOOK > Use it on the green duck, get JUDGE’S BOOK
  3. Clown Court > Give JUDGE’S BOOK to judge > clown lawyer, get CLOWN CAR KEYS > Use CLOWN CAR KEYS on clown car
  4. Carnival Entrance Interior > Use KNIFE on ROBOT TOY, get CIRCUITRY & JAGGED METAL > Place CIRCUITRY into broken elephant > Connect JUMP LEADS to clown car > Start the clown car > right
  5. Horse Carousel > Take BALLOON & BROKEN HORSE’S HEAD > Cut BALLOON with JAGGED METAL, get POPPED BALLOON > Attach it to broken poles > Use BROKEN HORSE’S HEAD as slingshot ammunition, get MACHINE INSTRUCTIONS
  6. Go right > Cotton Candy: Talk to vendor: could we have some candy?, get ASSORTMENT OF CANDY > Examine reel for lights below the stall, get LIQUIRICE POWER CABLE > Take T-SHIRT CANNON left > left
  7. Haunted House > Talk to knowledgeable hookman, get HORROR HOOK > Enter house > door to hall of mirrors > 3rd, 1st & 3rd mirrors
  8. Tesla Chamber > Take ROPE > Ferris wheel > Take LADDER & climb wheel > Combine HORROR HOOK + ROPE, get GRAPPLING HOOK >
    Combine GRAPPLING HOOK + T-SHIRT CANNON, get GRAPPLING GUN > Fire GRAPPLING GUN at further up > Climb rope > Connect LIQUORICE POWER CABLE to RoboChicken > right > Tunnel Of Love Entrance > Take loose heart, get LOVE HEART CASE
  9. Duck Game > LADDER on giant duck > Combine ASSORTMENT OF CANDY + LOVE HEART CASE, get THANK YOU GIFT > Give it to game runner > Take DUCK’S CAPACITOR (giant duck)
  10. Tunnel Of Love Entrance > Fiddle with the mechanism
  11. Tesla Chamber > Give DUCK’S CAPACITOR to Tesla & say why haven’t you zapped it, yet? > Game Show Stage > Talk to Pox:eh… yes?
  12. High Striker Screen > Take whip, hoop, & hammer, get WHIP, METAL HOOP, and MALLET > Use MALLET on METAL HOOP, get RESHAPED HOOP > Combine it with WHIP, get HOOK WHIP > Attach HOOK WHIP to hook
  13. Arnival Sign Screen > Take box, get BOX COVER > Press button > Give BOX COVER to Tommy or Archie > Take L, get LARGE L > Hit lighting rig with LARGE L > right
  14. Box Screen > Grab nail, get LOOSE NAIL > Use it on McQueen, then on > everyone else > Open lid
  15. Fish Belly Lab (map) > Set on navigation controls to 567
  16. Hacking: Check this video from min 9:27 to complete the rest of the chapter

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Missable Achievements

  • Bum Ride – After moving the elephant, click on the clown car again.
  • Unwanted Dinner Guest – In the haunted house, select mirrors 3 then 1 then 1.

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Case 5 Royal Fumble

We provide you a 7 min video guide

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Missable Achievements

  • Playing With Fire – Click on the demon 5 or so times while he’s being interviewed.
  • Matchmaker – After you break into the filing cabinet in the Back Office, the Standing Wrestler will appear outside. On this screen, talk to El Doolio and then talk to Seated Wrestler.

The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark Walkthrough – Case 6 Class of the Titans

We provide you a 20 min video guide

Missable Achievements

  • Too Cool For School – Click on the poster on the left side of the Workshop.
  • Slender Fan – Listen to all 3 songs from the band. Click on the band before talking to Timeloop (song about legs), after we find out about the monster but before needing door handles (song about two heads), and then again after needing door handles (song about eyes).
  • The Boys Are Back in Town – Watch the credits fully after finishing Episode 6.

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