The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide

the house of da vinci 3 diary guide

Last Updated on 4 January, 2023

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Welcome to this little guide based on the game diary files. Read on and stay updated!

Everything You Need to Fill Out Your Diary

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Intro

Before reading this guide, I encourage people to play the game at least once. This manner, maybe, this guide will make more sense.

I have the complete list of what your journal must contain in order to complete several achievements after I examined the game’s files. For each entry in the diary, I have put the name of the real game file, enclosed in parenthesis. The majority of your diary entries will be delivered to you automatically, much like at the beginning of a chapter. However, a few of your sketches call for you to examine many items, such as the laboratory at the Borgias’ House. A handful of the letters are also simple to overlook.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Catacombs

  • Grab the diary (TakeDiary).
  • The letter is under the diary (Letter1 Table), so take it out.
  • After you’ve fixed the oculus, take it out (PickedRepairedOculus).
  • Pick up the book “Chronicle of Ordo Iustitialis” (PickedKromika) and then the letter (Letter2 DropFromKronik) as you approach the stairs.
  • Ascend the steps and head towards the podium. Pick up the letter and knife (Letter3 FromLeo) by opening the podium’s door.

All three letters should be on each page of your diary.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Villa of Luca Pacioli

  • At the beginning of the chapter, the diary is updated (ArrivalToChapter).
  • As you enter the empty house on the left and light the dragon, your diary gets updated (EmptyHouse).
  • After setting that book down on the table, pick up Letter 1 Vaha, which is to the left of that table, to update your diary.
  • Open the workshop and leave the house. Into the workshop you go. A letter (which you can also pick up later) is located immediately to your right, close to the door (Letter4 WorkShopStorage).
  • You take up the letter (Letter3 WorkshopBook) from a stack of books on top of the table in the middle of the room, and your diary is then updated.
  • Once you’ve located the belfry/bell model, set it down on the table, focus in, then take the bell; this will add a sketch of the belfry to your diary (HintPicture UnderBell).
  • Your diary will update with a sketch as soon as you gaze at the compass located between those two drawers (HintPicture Kompas).
  • Put the lion in its proper place, then open the steps and head outdoors. Look left just before you cross the bridge and get the letter (Letter2 Kusa).
  • I then went upstairs and tried to raise the gate but it is stuck. I then crossed the bridge. Go all the way down and exit through that gate. A sketch will be added to your diary, and that sketch needs to have an arrow pointing upward (HintPicture ScrewGate). (Note: You can get this sketch at any time; just make sure the arrows are pointed upward.)
  • Return upstairs, cross the bridge, and go through time. Your calendar will be updated (PastMill).
  • Once you’ve hit every target and crossed the bridge, unlock the door and enter. Get the letter (Letter5 WindMill) in your hand.
  • Make sure to grab the letter and the chalice (Letter6 Vane) when you put water in a box to advance the bridge close to the finish of the game so you can get to the vane.

Make sure all of the diary pages are filled in and the six letters are located before setting the chalice down and picking up the book.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – The Bald Lady

  • Your Diary is updated at the start of each chapter and before you move (ArrivalToChapter).
  • You should turn to the left, gaze up, and then close in on the painting of “Signora Calca” that is hanging on the wall. When you enter the inn, your diary updates with a picture of the man who opens the door, however it doesn’t update right now. In the game files, the image of “Signora Calca” has actually been inserted to that sketch (BaldLadyDiscoverd). When you really enter the inn, your diary will be updated, but you must first gaze at the image outside.
  • Your diary is updated after you climb the chimney and go inside Borgia’s home. (CrawlIntoBorgiaHouse). Take note of the sketch right away in your diary. You can later update the sketch of this wall in front of you.
  • Move the painting to the left, then grab the letter (Letter1 BehindPainting).
  • Your sketch in your diary will be updated as soon as you burn down the wall and discover Xs (MapBurned).
  • To unlock and spin the gun, use the tool with the rotary handle. Updated diary illustration (GunLocked).
  • Locate the card downstairs, then use the machine to punch holes where your sketch indicates. The sketch has been updated, but your diary doesn’t appear to have been updated yet (GunArrowForCard).
  • You can update your diary by loading the weapon with ammo (GunArrowForAmmo).
  • Once inside the lab, the diary is updated (FirstTimeInLaboratory)
  • A sketch will be added to your diary if you look at the board to your right. But this is only a sketch right now. Just be aware that your diary’s board is lacking a few numbers and a machine (I’ll explain where to look for these).
  • When you ascend, your diary has been updated with a note and sketch (SurrvivedTrapInAttic).
  • When you enter the locked chamber, your diary is updated (FirstZoomToGloveBox).
  • Take the letter (Letter3 Pexeso) in your hands.
  • Pick up the key in the resin, and update the diary (PickSealedKey).
  • Your diary is updated after you descend the stairs and insert the key into the chamber’s resin (PutSealedKeyIntoChamber).
  • Return to the previous room, turn on the gun’s mechanism, and fill the flacon with gunpowder to update your diary (GunArrowForCalculator).
  • The machine will automatically open a new drawer as soon as you insert the gunpowder and after you’ve fixed the filter. For your charcoal filter, use that drawer. Be sure to zoom into this machine once you’ve picked up the charcoal. The sketch you have on that board and the figures 3:1:5 (LookedAtPowderRatio and ZoomToBoardWithRecipe), which you previously lacked in your sketch, should both be updated in your diary.
  • Open a drawer with the weight to retrieve Letter 2 Chifonier1.
  • With the help of the weight, open a different drawer to discover a scrunched-up letter (Letter4 Chifonier2).
  • Use the key to enter the upstairs using the resin that has been melted before. Your diary will update when you are caught in a trap (AfterCaughtInTrap).

Your diary ought to be full at this point and have four letters.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Pope’s Chambers

  • While you’re traveling, your diary will be updated, and you’ll see that some of the pages are now blank.
  • Your diary is updated after the cut scene when you’re by yourself in Pope’s room (AfterFirstCutScene).
  • Your Diary gets updated as soon as you open the door to the following room (InCheckerRoom).
  • Be sure to enlarge the floor tiles in this area that have the letters “C3” and “F3” written on them. Although “C3” and “F3” have been added to the sketch you make when you go upstairs and look out over the balcony, your diary has not yet been updated. The game files (Saw C6 and Saw F6) contain a list of them.
  • Pick up the letter and horse’s head from the table’s drawer in the checkered room (Letter1 FromDrawer).
  • As you ascend, your diary is updated (FistTimeUpstiars).
  • Your diary suggests you to check out the balcony. A drawing of the floor in the checkered room is added to your journal. If “F3” and “C3” are not written on that sketch, descend again and look for them on the floor tiles before zooming in to get a complete sketch (BalconyView).
  • Once you enter the hidden room, your diary is updated (SecretChamberFirstTime).
  • Pick up a letter (Letter2 SecretChamber) and a key.
  • Set the Dawn Medallion and the Diary Updates (D PlaceMedal1).
  • Put the noon medallion and diary updates in place (D PlaceMedal2).
  • Get two letters when you pick up the stone bowl (Letter3And4 ForcePickBeforeItem).
  • Updates to the diary and the Place Medallion of Dusk (D PlaceMedal3).

Your diary should have one complete blank page and four letters when you pick up the medallion. As you move on to the next site after picking up the medallion, you’ll discover that your diary has been updated.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Villa of Luca Pacioli

  • After the cut scene, your diary is updated (AfterCutScene).

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Secret Passage

  • After the cut scene, your diary is updated (AfterFirstCutScene).
  • You can update your diary once you exit the tunnel (OpenedTunnel).
  • Once you exit the tunnel, your diary is updated (EnteredTunnel).
  • Once inside the tunnel, a skeleton will be lying on the ground if you turn around and look in that direction. You can either take the letter and dagger now or wait as you must come back here eventually (Letter1 Skeleton).
  • Your diary will be updated if you proceed to the end of the tunnel and descend the stairs (DiscoverHolePump).
  • Your diary will be updated after you enter the new region with all the bricks and rail tracks (EnterSecondPart).
  • You can’t see a letter from where you started in this region, so move to the right and close to the workbench. The letter is labeled “Letter2 WorkBench” and may be found atop a stack of bricks.
  • If you travel back in time, your diary is updated (FirstTimeInPast).
  • Your diary is updated after Leonardo partially fixes the elevator but it still requires some oil (ElevatorAlmostRepair).

You should have two letters and a full page in your diary.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Diary Guide – Castle de Monte

  • The chapter begins with an update to your diary (AfterFirstCutScene).
  • Giant note: In the room where you and Leonardo discuss the time machine being in the courtyard, I was unable to get my diary to update. However, you can try using your oculus by zooming in on the gate. There may be a flaw in the Diary since the game file lists this as a need to finish your Diary, but the game noticed that I had looked at the gate since receiving the award (AfterNoticingGate).
  • Give a key to Leonardo. You return by default to Fridrich’s room. Updates are made to your diary (Note: Leonardo only provides you one letter; you must locate three more) (AfterLeonardoLeavesToRoof).
  • Make sure to focus closely on the enormous painting of Fridrich because the sketch of the artist in your diary isn’t finished. Your diary needs to reflect Fridrich’s life and death in that sketch (AfterReEnteringFridrichsRoom).
  • Pick up the letter as soon as the table containing the astrology puzzle is removed so that you have time to complete it. When the riddle is solved, the table rises once more, and the letter (Letter2 Astro) is no longer available.
  • You may have also noticed that a note with the image of a castle underneath it has appeared on the table in the middle of the room. If you don’t zoom into that note right away, it will move to a new note once you solve the puzzle on that table, and you won’t have the chance to record this in your diary (BlueHint1).
  • Move the Fridrich artwork, and the diary is updated (MovedFridrichsPicture).
  • Complete the castle jigsaw. Zoom in once again on that note under the castle before you take up the book “Liber Augustalis”. Your diary has been changed (BlueHint2).
  • Place the ladder underneath the bookcase, then ascend to update your diary (NoticedMsgUnderWindow).
  • Enter that window and update your diary (AfterGettingOutOfWindow).
  • You need to travel back in time in order to jump off the roof. Automatically, you’ll descend, and your diary will be updated (MovedToPastOnOchoz).
  • Enter the chamber while you’re still in the past. Take a look at the table that is broken and the warriors who are frozen in time. Zoom in on the table and grab the letter marked “Brotherhood,” letter 3.
  • Once inside the casino, the diary is updated (EnteredCasino).
  • Once inside the lab, the diary is updated (EnteredLaboratory).
  • Pick up the final letter from the table. I was awarded the “Archivist” achievement at this time (Letter4 Laboratory).
  • Pull to activate the sifter on the same table. Daily journal entry (SifterStarted).
  • Near the end of the chapter, your diary is updated when you light the boilers.
  • A new entry is made in Your Diary at the beginning of the last chapter.

I got the titles “Seeker of Mysteries,” “Artist,” “Writer,” and “The One With All” as soon as the last chapter began. These are how I discovered all game files connected to Diary.

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  1. Have you found a way to get the AfterNoticingGate diary entry to trigger on Castle Del Monte? I’m playing on Android, and I can never get that one to work. It’s the only thing preventing me from completing the last 3 achievements: Artist, Archivist, and The One With All

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