The Survivalists Metal Ignot guide – Iron & Mining

The Survivalists Metal Ignot

Last Updated on 20 December, 2020

The Survivalists Metal Ignot guide – Iron & Mining – Learn how to find metal ignots, where, and how to farm it, because it is quite dangerous

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The Survivalists Metal Ignot guide – Mining

Finding the right Rock / Node

You will need 3 different minerals, and they are easy to locate once you learn to identify the rocks:

  • Metal ingots ( Iron): Rocky nodes with silver ore.
  • Gold ingots: Rocky nodes with golden nuggets.
  • Gems: – Rocky nodes with red stones/lava.

Best Biome

The best biome to find Metal ignots, gold ignots and also gems, is the Volcanic biome. And there are more nodes / rocks to mine inside the caves

You can find metal, gold or gems in other biomes, but they are rare to find and usually contain less quantity. And yes, volcanic biomes are deadly, so you need to learn to survive if you want to farm these precious minerals

Farming in Volcanic Biome

1st method – Elixir: The Elixir makes you immune. Refill the elixir with a cooking pot & boiling clean water. Complete the Mysterious Stranger’s 2nd taks to get an Elixir

2nd method – Monkeys: Use the Train Command, mine the first node / rock and give the pickaxe to the monkeys

The Survivalists Metal Ignot guide – Uses

You will need metal ignots for these recipes

  • Spear – (Requires Wooden Rod) Recipe:  x1 Wooden Rod, x1 Metal Ignot and also x2 Rope
  • Metal Nails – Recipe:  x2 Metal Ignot
  • Lightweight Bed – (Requires Flimsy Bed) Recipe:  x1 Comfi Padding, x2 Wooden Slat and also x2 Metal Nails
  • Medium Chest – (Requires Small Chest) Recipe:  x2 Wooden Slat, x2 Timber and also x2 Metal Hinge

So yes, you and your monkeys will need to mine a lot of Iron

The Survivalists Metal Ignot guide – Videoguide

In this video guide you can learn how to teach your monkeys to harvest resources. Teach > Mine > Give pickaxe > leave. It is easier if you are not in the Volcanic biome, but you can practice in “out of danger” areas, like in the video

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