The Survivalists Sail Guide – Raft & Spyglass

The Survivalists Sail

Last Updated on 20 December, 2020

The Survivalists Sail Guide – Raft & Spyglass – How to sail and everything you need to craft or get to traver to other islands

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The Survivalists Sail Guide – Raft

If you want to travel to other islands and biomes, you need a raft. You can craft it, this is the recipe:

  • Raft – (Requires Crafting Bench) Recipe:  x6 Wooden Rod and also x3 Rope
    • Wooden Rod – (Requires Straw Bundle) Recipe:  x2 Timber
    • Rope – (Requires Handaxe) Recipe:  x2 Long Grass

Once you have the ingredients for the recipe, place the Raft blueprint near the shoreline and make it

But you also need the makeshift sail, this is the recipe:

  • Makeshift Sail – Recipe: 3x fur clump, 3x palm leaf, and also 3x rope

Now you have everything you need to sail, well, not everything:

The Survivalists Sail Guide – Spyglass

You can sail without the spyglass but your view will be blocked. So if you want to reveal the horizon on the map, you will need the spyglass.

To get the spyglass complete the first task for the mysterious stranger and receive it as reward

To use the spyglass: Inventory > Select it > Hold the use button and move your cursor

The Survivalists Sail Guide – How to Sail (Controls)

It is quite easy, just:

  • A: To rotate left
  • B: To rotate right
  • F: To stop sailing

You need to press F (stop sailing) if you want to eat or if you want to use the spyglass to check the map.

Of course if you are going to travel to other island try to have as many monkeys as you can, materials, weapons, food, and inventory slots (Mysterious chest = 36 inventory slots)

Video Guide

In this video guide, by youtuber Grillmastah, you can check how to make your first raft and how to visit your first new island:

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