Top Answers in Roblox Answer or Die

Top Answers in Roblox Answer or Die

Last Updated on 5 February, 2024

Top Answers in Roblox Answer or Die. Discover the ultimate guide to mastering Roblox’s Answer or Die with top answers.

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Top Answers in Roblox Answer or Die

  1. A day of the week >> Wednesday
  2. Animal that start with C >> Caterpillar
  3. Animal that walk slowly >> Caterpillar
  4. Capital City In Europe >> Andorra la Vella
  5. Country that starts with A >> Antigua and Barbuda
  6. Electronic device >> PlayStation Controller
  7. Famous Roblox Youtuber >> Inquisitormaster
  8. Fastest animal >> Swordfish
  9. Flying Animal >> Western Honey Bee
  10. Food that starts with P >> Passion Fruit
  11. Month that has 31 days >> December
  12. Musical Instrument >> Orchestral Bells
  13. Natural hair color >> Brunette
  14. One of the four seasons >> Autumn
  15. Part of the head >> Forehead
  16. Planet in our Solar System >> Mercury
  17. Popular Superhero >> Captain America
  18. Popular Fruit >> Passion Fruit
  19. Popular Car Color >> Orange
  20. Popular game on Roblox >> Natural Disaster Survival
  21. Popular vegetable >> Cauliflower
  22. Red Fruit >> Red Passionfruit
  23. Santa’s Reindeers >> Rudolph
  24. Social Media App >> Facebook Messenger
  25. Something people wear >> Contact Lenses
  26. Something you can sit on >> Rocking Chair
  27. Something you do at school >> Physical Education
  28. Something you do in your sleep >> Nightmare
  29. Something you eat with >> Ice Cream Spoon
  30. Something you eat with hands >> Chicken Nuggets
  31. Something you find on Pizza >> Mozzarella Cheese
  32. Something we know >> Copy and Paste
  33. Sport that is played in teams >> American Football
  34. Santa’s reindeers >> Rudolph
  35. Topping on a hamburger >> American Cheese
  36. Type Of Transport >> Teleportation
  37. Type of Weather >> Thunder Storm
  38. World’s Coldest Countries >> United States of America
  39. World’s Hottest Countries >> Democratic Republic of the Congo

Top Answers in Roblox Answer or Die

Gameplay Mechanics: The water level is on a relentless rise. Every second counts. The longer your answer, the more blocks you accumulate to build your escape from the impending watery doom.

Importance of Lengthy Answers: It’s not a simple trivia game where a short and sweet answer will do.

Best Answers Compiled

  • Difficulties & Categories: From the easiest to the trickiest, we’ve got you covered. Different categories, different questions – but always the longest answers.
  • Shoutouts and Credits: Big thanks to HAL on YouTube for the valuable input. Check out Roblox Puzzle Doors and Roblox Longest Answer Wins!

Tips for Excelling in the Game

  • Think Creatively: Sometimes, the answer lies outside the box. Think wider, think wilder!
  • Time Management: It’s not just about the right answer, but also delivering it timely. A second lost can be a block missed.

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