Tower of Fantasy Character Trailer

Tower of Fantasy Character Trailer

Last Updated on 4 August, 2022

Tower of Fantasy Character Trailer. Photo: Tower of Fantasy

Magnificent trailer, where you can see almost all the characters in the game, you also have a list of the characteristics of each character.


Incredible acceptance of the game Tower of Fantasy in the Gaming community, since its pre-launch in the global version (only and exclusively for a pre-registration), Tower of Fantasy has achieved the incredible and chilling figure of more than 1 million users in less than 15 days.

This unprecedented milestone makes us believe that it will be one of the most played games in the second and third quarters of this 2022.

Then we leave you a list of characters so that you know a little more about the game.

Tower of Fantasy character trailer. Characters

Tower of Fantasy is an open world sci-fi RPG available for PC and mobile devices. As an RPG, the game focuses heavily on the playable characters, their adaptation, and their abilities. Here is a list of all Tower of Fantasy characters and their descriptions according to the official website.


  • Birthday: October 10
  • Characteristics of this character: He stands out in dangerous missions, since he has excellent combat skills, his favorite weapon and the one he fights with is the sword, Meril has a very reserved character, so it will be difficult to know what he thinks, Meril is an executor Hykros senior.


  • Birthday: May 20
  • Characteristics of this character: he is an excellent character for ranged attacks, Samir is very playful and cheerful.


  • Birthday: September 22
  • Characteristics of this character: he is a scientist oriented to laser technology, his biggest hobby is everything related to an aquatic environment, maybe he is transcendental? He can alter certain devices to turn them into defense weapons.


  • Birthday: June 6
  • Characteristics of this character: he is only 15 years old and he is an expert hacker, he has managed to eliminate all his relevant information from the official databases, Cero is very competitive and proud, so we believe he will be a great character in Tower Of Fantasy .


  • Birthday: May 23
  • Characteristics of this character: Justicia is the Angel of Clemency, she had a frustrating mutation in addition to the modifications of the Heirs of Aida, so she is a character that will bring a lot to talk about, Justicia is calm and introverted except when her bloodlust and destruction at that time is under the mind control of the leader Sage Heirs.


  • Birthday: May 23
  • Characteristics of this character: very reckless character, the most risky missions are her specialty, in addition to having a very outgoing character, Zeke is her older brother, Shirli has a good heart since she saved a player in the Shelter of Zeke.


  • Birthday: February 1
  • Characteristics of this character: Angel of Cleime and right hand of the Sage, who is followed no matter what happens, that is, unconditionally. Taciturn and straight. His unique perspective and philosophy is about life.


  • Birthday: November 12
  • Characteristics of this character: Zeke is the leader of the Astra Refuge, he has an overprotective character and what he wants most in his life is to protect those around him, for that reason Zeke will be a fundamental character in Tower Of Fantasy, despite having a lot of responsibility tries not to show his feelings so as not to feel weak; Zeke will protect his little sister Shirli at all costs.

Info about game:

  • From June 27, 2022 to July 10, 2022, Tower of Fantasy has 1,219,250 pre-registered users, you can check this information on the game’s own website, web: click here
  • Tower of Fantasy is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2022, specifically in October 2022.
  • October: as we all know, this date could be delayed, due to the large number of players who are going to play.
  • The game will be available on: App Store, Google Play, Steam and the Epic Games store, although it could be released on other platforms not mentioned.
  • Each character will have unique weapons which will grant different styles of play.

Social Media:

Twitter: @ToF_EN_Official

Website: Here

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