Tower of Fantasy Unlock all Outfits guide

Tower of Fantasy Unlock all Outfits

Last Updated on 19 August, 2022

Tower of Fantasy Unlock all Outfits guide – The requirements & costs, how to unlock the Wasteland Outfit, and how to change outfits

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Tower of Fantasy Unlock all Outfits – Full List

These are all the outfits and the requirements to unlock each of them:

  • Desert Aurora: Already unlocked
  • Last Stand: Already unlocked
  • Machine Era: Already unlocked
  • Sunbeam Voyager: Already unlocked
  • Nightwalk: Already unlocked
  • Universal Work Clothes: Already unlocked
  • Conqueror: Explore 85% of the Astra island
  • Desperado: Buy the outfit for 1,280 Tanium.
  • Operation Streamer: Buy the outfit for 1,280 Tanium.
  • Roamer: Explore 85% of the Navia continent
  • Scavenger Outfit: Explore 85% of the Crown continent
  • Star Sand: Requires only on pre-order purchases.
  • The Mission: Buy the outfit for 1,280 Tanium.
  • Visitor in the Snow: You need to explore 85% of the Warren continent
  • Wasteland Wanderer: Explore 85% of the Banges continent
  • Wasteland: Buy the Collector’s Edtion pass.

How to unlock the Wasteland Oufit – ToF?

Although we have already explained to you how to get both outfits, many people keep asking, so we make a section to explain how to get the two most wanted outfits in the game

There are two wasteland outfits, the Wasteland Wanderer outfit and the Wasteland outfit. The first is unlocked by completing 85% exploration of the Banges Continent, so it can be unlocked for free and by playing. But the second is an exclusive outfit for those who have purchased the Collector’s Edition pass.

Tower of Fantasy Unlock all Outfits – How to Change Outfits?

If you have already got the outfit you wanted, you may now have doubts about how to wear it, these are the steps you must follow

  1. From the main menu, go to Settings
  2. Select your backpack and then select Outfits
  3. Finally, select the outfit you want to wear from among all the options you have unlocked. If the outfit you want is not unlocked, at the beginning of this guide we explain how to get it

If you have any questions, or you do not get an outfit, leave us a comment and we will try to explain how to get it

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