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Tower of Hell Commands

Last Updated on 28 March, 2024

Tower of Hell Commands – VIP Server – Every available command for the VIP servers, including the command to play the secret version of Tower of Hell

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Tower of Hell Commands – How to use them?

Just open the Chat (upper left corner), and type “/” + the commands we are going to provide you. But commands only work in VIP servers

Tower of Hell Commands – Standard Commands

With these commands everything will be easier, but you can only use them in VIP servers.

  • /setlength [4-200] – Set the length of your tower (happens after you skip the current tower).
  • /lock – Lock the shop.
  • /unlock – Unlock the shop if it’s locked.
  • /sban [username] – Ban players from the private server until the session ends.
  • /kick [username] – Kick players from the private server, they will be able to rejoin.
  • /givegear bomb – This command gives the owner of the private server a bomb.
    • R – Adds 10 seconds to the bomb’s timer.
    • T – Adds 1 minute to the bomb’s timer.
    • F – Removes 10 seconds from the bomb’s timer.
    • G – Removes 1 minute from the bomb’s timer.
    • [Number in chat] – Adds that amount of time in seconds to the bomb’s timer.
    • Clicking – Starts the bomb’s countdown.
  • /filtersections conveyor – Only allows conveyor sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections kills – Only allows killpart sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections locals – Only allows local sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections phantom – Only allows phantom sections to spawn.
  • /ctheme AccentColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Color of the accent.
  • /ctheme BackgroundColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Color of the background.
  • /ctheme TextColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Color of the text.
  • /ctheme ButtonColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Color of the buttons.
  • /ctheme BackgroundTransparency;[0-1] – Transparency of the background.
  • /ctheme ButtonTransparency;[0-1] -Transparency of the buttons.
  • /remove – Remove all vanilla sections
  • /mod 03301555382 – Add Tower of Hell: Reborn sections for the next round.*
    • /mod vanilla – Remove Tower of Hell: Reborn sections for the next round if /mod 03301555382 was used.

Tower of Hell Commands – Secret Command

This secret command will allow you to play on a secret version of Tower of Hell, with sections that you normally wouldn’t be able to find. But only works in VIP servers

Type: /remove /mod 03301555382 /skip

Note: You won’t earn any credits in any modded section

Video Guide

If you still have any doubt about the commands, check this video guide from youtuber cqqp

Also check the Script Pastebin Hacks

Tower of Hell Roblox Game Site > Here

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  1. Being on a private server is so cool! I stayed on the server for hours! I would definitely recommend this game and when it’s private.

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