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Town of Passion Cheat Rock Codes & Location

Town of Passion Cheat Rock Codes & Location

Last Updated on 16 December, 2022

Town of Passion Cheat Rock Codes & Location – Goddess coins, max stats, change characters and Main character’s appearance, reset names, autosave and more

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Town of Passion Cheat Rock Codes & Location – Codes

These are all the available cheats

  • Inked > Code reward: See Mary’s Retro Look.
  • Blessing > Code reward: Blesses you with 15 Goddess Coins.
  • ResetHer > Code reward: Resets character roles and names.
  • SirenSez > Code reward: Resets all dialogue text to the original.
  • Autosave > Code reward: Enables/Disables Autosave feature.
  • LokiKiss > Max’s out all trainable stats to level 5
  • Royalty > Code reward: Change MC’s appearance to the Prince

If you have entered the cheat correctly you will hear a noise of a bell. If you do not hear it, check if you have written it correctly (capital letters and that)

Blessing and LokiKiss will save you hours of farming, they are two super valuable cheats. In fact you can use the cheat Blessing as many times as you want, so we are talking about infinite goddess coins. The rest are more like cosmetic issues


Just go down from the maid’s house and you will find a rock,  you can’t miss it. Near the Mysterious Path entrance

We hope this guide has served you, and only with the walkthrough (link at the beginning) you should be able to complete the game without problems. But if you also use these cheats, you will save a lot of time

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